Tuesday, July 21, 2009

No More Bottles!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I am happy to report that Austin no longer has any bottles. He was down to one bottle at bedtime and I was not sure how to break him of this but Austin, like always, has a mind of his own and decided he was done.

Over vacation we started giving him a snack around 7:30pm / 8:00pm (usually yogurt or fish crackers). Something to fill his belly. Since he was having a snack, he was only drinking a few ounces of his bottle. We also started a better nighttime routine to make bedtime easier. He now has a snack with us, goes upstairs, brushes his teeth, plays in his room while Daddy reads a book, (he will not sit for a book for more than a page or two) and then it is time for bed. Because of my growing belly, it was very hard for me to cuddle and feed him his bottle. This past week he fell asleep on the couch with John and I so we put him to bed. I took this as a opportunity to cut the bottles out of our nighttime routine.

It has been a week now and bedtime couldn't be easier. Austin likes me to stand by his crib for about 5-10 minutes until he closes his eyes but he does not get up and run around his crib or fight me anymore. Same goes for nap time. Around 10:00am (when I am home) I tell Austin it's "na-night" time and he grabs his pacifier and blanket and heads for the stairs. I lay him down and rub his head and back and he talks a little then its off to sleep for usually an hour and a half. We repeat the same at 2:00pm.

I am so happy that he has gotten easier to put to sleep because with a new baby on the way, its going to make it much easier.

In baby news... our little man is still breeched and causing me much discomfort. As of right now it looks like another c-section is going to happen. I am OK with that. At least I know what to expect. As far as being breeched... I never thought it would be this uncomfortable. I knew before I went to the doctor that he was not in the right position because of the pain and trouble breathing. Time is going by fast and we can't wait to meet him!

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