Monday, July 13, 2009

Austin's Birthday Party and 1 Year Updates

Austin had his birthday party this past Saturday and it was tons of fun. We had it at my parents' house so we could have lots of room outside. It turned out to be the perfect day, bright and sunny. All the kids had fun running around the backyard and playing in the kiddie pool. Thank you to all the family and friends that came to celebrate our baby's first year.
Austin loved his cakes that his Aunt Jen made. Cookie monster is his favorite and he wasted no time diving into the cake. Austin also got so many nice presents. He was in need of some new toys and clothes for the fall. Mommy and Daddy learned a very good lesson to not bring in all the toys when you get home because Austin wanted to stay up late and play with all of them.

So now we are back to normal life. Vacations and birthdays are over. We are now focusing on getting back on schedule, preparing for the new baby and working out schedules for next year.
Austin has had an amazing year and I look forward to getting to spend more time with him next year.
John and I decided that it would not be in the best interest for him or his little brother to go Little Turtle next year. We love it there but Austin has had a very hard time each morning and it has not gotten any better. It is a stress on all three of us right now each morning we have to take him there. We have decided either I will stay home with both boys full time or John will in the morning and I will in the afternoons. The final schedule has yet to be dermined. Either way, both boys will have stress free mornings with mom or dad.
Austin has really grown up over these last few weeks. John and I really noticed it over vacation. His vocabulary is starting to take shape. To the naked ear, it sounds like baby talk but to a trained mom and dad we can make out several words. He now will say "Kacie" (this is my parents' dog but he thinks every dog is Kacie), "mama", "dada", "more", "snack", "yeah" (we are working on yes but I am sure he hears us say yeah a lot), "bye bye", and "ball". Last night during a time out I think I heard him say "no-no". So we are getting there with the communication.
Austin's walking has been perfected and now he is working on running. He has blossomed into a full blown toddler and I think although only 1 years old, is showing signs of some terrible 2 tendencies. He now can follow simple directs which makes some tasks easier.
His favorite activity right now is coloring and playing golf with his new clubs. Tiger Woods watch out! Daddy has been helping him with his technique.

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