Sunday, January 10, 2010

Our poor Blog....

Oh Blog how we have neglected you! So having two babies, a husband that works two very demanding jobs and just everyday crazy life to deal with doesn't leave much time for blogging. I have every intent to always post but unfortunately the blog has taken a back seat to Facebook. I will make it a goal to blog more updates from now on. With that being said, like I don't have enough going with an 18 month old and 4 month old, I am taking on Tot school and starting another blog where you can follow our attempt at that. I hope to post weekly on that.

Ok now for the updates!


Austin has to be one of the funniest kids around. He has already developed a little sarcastic sense of humor and goes out of his way to get us to laugh at him. Of course like most toddlers, when he is asked to perform all of these funny things that he does on a daily basis, he clams up and does nothing, but believe me, he is honestly one of the funniest kids around, with a personality that is far bigger then his tiny little body. 

One of his favorite "shows" to put on for John and I are dancing to his favorite song "Single Ladies" by Beyonce (not the most christian song I know, but totally worth it when he has John and I cracking up watching him dance). Put this song on and the kid goes crazy. He cant help put dance and march around. He hears music and starts dancing away. He has a very unique style of dance (guessing he gets this from daddy) with moves that typically include marching very dramatically, a nice little move I like to call his "sumo wrestler" (I am sure you can imagine this one) and recently head banging and waving his hands in the air. Tonight he was mastering his twirl but still has some work on that one. Austin recently visited the doctor due to being very sick. He now weights 24 lbs and continues to grow like a weed. He had a horrible cold and a slight ear infection, which he was put on antibiotics and starting feeling better within a few days. He is now just getting over his cold. Austin is repeating EVERYTHING now. Just yesterday he repeated his whole alphabet after John. His pronunciation is not the best but I am sure that will come. He still has his own language when taking to you or on the phone. Words that he says on his own are: Ball (more about this later), water (wawa), Mason (maymay), bat, snack, go, bye, hi, ride, down, up, cookie, milk, juice, shoe, boot, bear, baby, no (nana), papa,Kacie. I am sure there are more but these are the ones that I know he says without being told to. Everything else he will say if he is asked to identify something. Austin also can identify all parts of his body when asked. He can do it on himself and other people. He especially likes to show off his tongue. Austin can tell you the sounds of some animals also. He knows duck, cow, dog, frog, pig, and lion. The other day Austin also said his first sentence. He told me "Dada at work".

Austin's current favorite activities are putting on peoples shoes. He loves to walk around in daddy's shoes, telling me the whole time that they are Dada's. He LOVES LOVES LOVES to stand at the counter on a kitchen chair and play with his play food, bowls and water. Wawa is his favorite and many tantrums are when he his told no. He likes to pour it back and forth. Lets just say, my floor around that around that area is washed everyday thanks to Austin. He still loves Barney and Yo Gabba Gabba but has added Sesame Street to his TV list. Austin is truly obsessed with brushing his teeth. He knows the sign for brush and whenever anyone is even close to the bathroom, he is right there signing and saying brush over and over again until you let him. This happens about 10 times a day. He has gotten better and will put the tooth brush away without a tantrum. Austin is completely in his toddler bed now and has been for awhile. He is awesome about not getting out of his bed at all, not that we would mind if he wanted to hang out in his room and play a little in the morning. I often wake up to hearing Austin sitting him bed singing. He still loves his bear and anything else he can treat like a baby. After a brief separation for about a week, he had a wonderful reunion with his teddy and was so excited to see him. Teddy now gets the honor of being dressed up in Masons Michigan snow suite everyday. Some random things about Austin: He is now 7:30 because he was a monster every morning. He takes one nap a day most of the time unless I can tell he needs a morning one. He usually goes down about 12:30-1 for anywhere from 1 1/2 hours to 3. He is my little dare devil and climbs on everything. He can get on all the kitchen chairs and living room furniture himself. He likes to sit on his little table and look out the window. He now favorite thing is to stand on John or my back and balance himself. All in all Austin is a great kid. He goes with the flow and has the normal toddler meltdowns. He is very smart and organized in his own way. He likes things a specific way and does not like if you change them. He often will rearrange things at my moms house if he does not like were she puts things. Everyday is a new adventure with in that is filled with frustration and laughter. 


Mason has been a challenge, but we are working through it. He truly is a happy baby that just likes to be center of attention. After months of trying to get him to take a bottle, we are happy to report that he is taking one without much a problem. He doesn't get one often but when he does, he takes it without a fight. He hasn't been sleeping as much as he needs to during the day, mostly thanks to his noisy big brother, so he has been fussier then I would like. He is my little chunky monkey baby. He is already starting to outgrow 3-6 month clothing and with lots of room, fits into 6 month or 6-9 months. At his 4 month visit he was 14 lbs which is right on track, he just has more meat on his bones the Austin did at this age. We did find out he has a tongue tie which explains a lot. We have an appointment with the ENT on Feb. 2nd to find out what can and should be done. Mason is also a very active baby. He already wants to go go go. When he is sitting on your lap, he will propel himself off so you have to hold on tight. He loves to stand and if he is laid down on the floor, he can move himself all over just by rolling back and forth. He is working on sitting up and is almost there. He even tries to sit up by himself when laid down. Again he is afraid to miss anything that might happen. Staying true to my little men, he is already teething. I say this is a very broad sense, because Austin also started at 3 months but didn't cut teeth until 6. Mason is drooling up a storm and chomping away on everything and anything. He has started baby food off and on, but gets gassy from it so we are making this a much slower process then with Austin who was on stage 3 food by 6 months. Sleeping at night has been for the most part good, other then for the past week or so. He goes to bed by 8 and would get up to eat at about 4 then back down to about 7 when is brother would wake him. Lately though he has been getting up almost every 2-3 hours. Hopefully he will go back to normal soon, but with me staying home now, its not as bad.

John has been working A LOT these days. He is loving his teaching job and putting together a lot of great stuff for the school. The distance is a little difficult because by the time you add traffic, its an hour commute home. Along with teaching he is still working at his other job a couple days a week so needless to say, he is a busy man. 


For the most part I am doing great. Some days I am ready to turn in my mom card and lock myself in a room. I love staying home with Austin and Mason and aside having my daily schedule controlled by a toddler and baby, I wouldn't change it for the world.