Thursday, July 2, 2009

Florida Family Vacation - Day 5

Today was another great day in Florida. We began our day with yet another thunderstorm. We decided since the kids were so little, taking them to a huge water park and paying lots of money to get in would not be worth it. Thankfully Katie did her research and found out that the local parks and rec had a little water park for kids (just Austin and Nate's size). The great part was it only cost $4 per adult to get in. 

Austin had a good time but he was very tired. He has been sleeping in until 9 a.m. which means he is not getting a morning nap. He played a little but you could tell by the many yawns that he would rather be napping. 

Austin and Mommy cuddling at the water park

Austin was such a big boy and loved climbing up and down the stairs. He even went down the bigger tube slide all by himself. We could not take a picture because we needed one to help him down and the other to catch
The off and on rain forced us to take a break and wait for the lightning to stop. The boys got a little antsy but they were very good waiting paticently. 
Austin going down the froggy slide. He even went under the water a few times without shedding a tear. 

Daddy bought Austin a special treat for being such a good boy all day without a nap. 

After a day at the mini water park we took the kids home for a little break. Austin decided that a nap was not in his future plans. After about an hour of John and I both laying down with him, we threw in the towel and let him up. Although he was very good, he was not in the best mood when we decided to visit the condo pool for a little bit. 
This is Austin desperatly trying to get out of the pool. 

For all those that know Austin, he tends to do things his own way and live in his own little world. At the pool he decided that lounging in his baby floaty was much better then sitting in it the right way. All he needed was his sippy cup in one hand and he would have been all set. 

For dinner we decided to go out to BB King's House of Blues. Austin was a very good boy and ate a very good dinner and even danced to the music. 

Tomorrow is a very exciting day, more so for John and me. Austin turns 1 years old! We are so excited and cant believe that our little tiny baby is now 1 and doing so many things. We hope to make tomorrow a very special day even though Austin has no clue it is a special day. 

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