Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Updates, Updates and more Updates.

Wow life has been crazy... well with two little ones I guess thats the norm.


Mason is growing like a weed and is all over the place. He exceeded his brother and decided to start crawling at 7 months instead of 8 like his big brother. Within days of crawling he conquered the stairs and pulling himself up. He can stand on his own but is very hesitant about walking. He can walk when pushing things around but does not show a desire to do it on his own. I am ok with that, and just trying to adjust to him being all over the place. Austin is not so sure about Mason now being able to follow him wherever he goes. He absolutely loves his "baby" but when it comes to sharing, we have issues. Mason is also starting to talk. He says mama, dada, and bubba. Mason now understands the word "no" and does not like hearing it. He is very dramatic and when told no or upset he will start crying and lay down with his hands in his face. Its very sad but a little over the top at times. He is still very attached to his mama but is becoming very social and as long as he can see me, he loves being held by anyone. Mason is also really enjoying his daddy and whenever John comes home or is around Mason anxiously crawls to him. A few weeks ago Mason went on a teething marathon and cut three teeth all at once. It has been very difficult for him and us. He was not sleeping due to pain. Right now he is cutting his second upper tooth and is a little uncomfortable but it does not want to seem to pop through. I am keeping my fingers crossed that this has caused his all of a sudden 3 a.m. wake up time and hope as soon as that tooth comes through he will be back to 6 a.m.

The sutures in his head turned out to be just fine. I knew when they were taking the first set of x-rays that  they were not good. Mason was screaming and the lady was not very comforting to my little baby. When we met with the specialist, they decided to send me right over to Childrens Hospital downtown to get better x-rays so he could see. There they were excellent. Mason didn't make a peep and didn't even move. The x-rays came back perfect and no follow up is needed. We were so thankful but mentally and emotionally exhausted. Mason still has to get his tongue clipped but this mama just doesn't want to put her baby through something else right now. We will schedule it soon but just want him to get over his teething and have a few days pain free.


Austin is Austin what can I say. He is so funny and sassy and there is never a dull day with him. He loves his brother very much but gets very mad at him. He can be very rough at times and we are trying to work on that. I think once Mason starts walking, Austin will back off a bit. Austin refuses to share toys right now with Mason and its understandable since Mason just wants to ruin what Austin set up. Austin absolutely loves anything Little People and plays with his farm and town center a few times a day. He has a very good imagination for such a little Guy. Austin is still doing Tot School although it is more informal now. We have basically been going out everyday to do something so we dont usually have time to sit and do lessons formally. We have been working on counting and Austin can count to 3 on his own and after that will start randomly saying numbers. At least he understands to say numbers. He has also learned to repeat our mealtime prayer. Austin is a joy and a challenge all at the same time. Just when you get so mad at him he will give you a look or do something that has you cracking up. He now can actually hold a conversation and answer questions about his day. He is such a little person.

Potty training has basically stopped. We ask him and if he says no then we do not push him. Starting June 1st he is back in his underwear and we are going full force. He gets the concept but is just to lazy to stop actually take time to go.

Johns job is going great. He is always busy so we enjoy those nights like tonight when he actually gets him at dinner time. I am loving staying home now. We spend a lot of time going out now that Mason is older and does not require as much.

Here is a link to the boys recent photo shoot. They turned out so good and we love everyone.;