Sunday, August 24, 2008

Detroit Lions Game

On Saturday, Austin went to his first football game. We took him to Ford Field to see the Lions vs. the Browns. Austin had a great time and the Lions actually won!

Austin and I had "the talk" before the game. Not "that talk", but the "Don't get emotionally attached to the Lions talk." I warned him that the Lions will break your heart more than a girl ever could. I also explained that he will never see the Lions in the Super Bowl. With that being said, I think he's officially ready to become a Detroit Lions fan.

Friday, August 22, 2008


Last night we went to a concert with our friends Dan and Katie. We saw Third Day, Switchfoot, Robert Randolph & the family band, and Jars of Clay at the DTE Energy Music Theatre. Shortly after we arrived our good seats turned into great seats - proving it's not how much you spend, but who you know! It was an amazing show!

Mac Powell of Third Day

Jon Foreman of Switchfoot

Robert Randolph

Friday, August 15, 2008

Moving on Up!

Last night was a very big night for Austin. He moved out on his own... well, into his own room at least. I can't believe its been 6 weeks already. First its moving out of our room... next, it will be getting his license, moving out of the house and getting married. Our baby is growing so fast! It's hard to believe when we brought him home he was only 5 lbs 11 oz and now he is 9 lb 11 oz. He is growing like a weed and has already out grown most of his 0-3 month pants and pajamas because of his length. He measures around 22 inches. It's hard to get those wiggly little legs to stay still when measuring but he's definitely growing very fast.

Good news with his jaundice... after a second blood test and 2 days without nursing, the doctors did confirm that it was breast milk jaundice and that the second blood test showed his counts went down so he was cleared to go back to nursing. His liver and thyroid were checked and everything came back normal. Austin is very happy to not have formula all day long but much to his disappointment mommy found that a bottle at night helped him sleep so, we are still giving his some formula.

Sunday, August 10, 2008

Detroit Tigers Game

Christina and I took Austin to his first Tigers game this afternoon. We anticipated 80 degree weather, but ended up with low 70's. Despite the cold, wind and rain we had a great time! Right after we parked Austin got to meet his first homeless guy (a nice fella that washed our windshield). Austin didn't see too much of the game. He was too busy sleeping under a blanket, but we think he had fun.
We bought Austin a pair of sunglasses last night in preparation for our day in the sun. We were a little disappointed he didn't get to wear them at the game.

Austin and Daddy in rightfield, shortly after visiting with Aunt Anne

Austin and Mommy in our seats

Posing with Mommy and Daddy outside of Comerica Park

All the fresh air knocked Austin out on the way home

Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Just when I thought we had it all under control, Austin throws us a curve ball. We were just starting to get the hang of this parenting thing: the late-night feedings, constant washing of baby clothes, and life scheduled around naps and feeding times.

This past Sunday, John had mentioned in church that Austin's skin looked a little yellow. I thought that it was probably the lights and didn't pay much attention to it. Yesterday, we went over to Dan and Katie's for dinner and when we got there I took Austin out of his car seat in the backyard. I immediately noticed that the whites of his eyes were very yellow in the natural light as well as his skin. Katie mentioned that she noticed it right away too. Of course, on the inside I was totally freaking out and was ready to run our little baby to the emergency room. Luckily Nate's doctor has a 24 hour hotline so, I called and the doctor said not to worry as long as he was acting fine and to bring him to the office in the morning. It did ease my mind a little bit but, even the littlest thought of anything being wrong with Austin broke my heart and sent me into a panic attack. I just didn't want the little guy to be sick or not feel good. It was a rough night. I barely slept and not because of feedings but because I just wanted it to be morning so we could call the pediatrician. Finally, morning did come but the doctor wasn't in until 1:30pm so I played a game of trying to keep busy to keep my mind off the clock. The good news is the doctor was not too concerned with his appearance. He is Jaundice and from what I understood in rare cases if a baby is jaundice when born, even slightly like Austin was, sometimes there is something in the mother's breast milk that doesn't allow the baby to break it up and get rid of it. So I was told not to breast feed for 2 days to see if he is able to get his levels down. If he does then they know that it was from the breast milk and we can resume breast feeding on Saturday. I think the next couple of days are going to be harder on me then on Austin. Aside from the fact that I hate to give Austin formula, it is our special time together when I am feeding him. I know that when he is feeding, he feels very safe and counts on me to provide him with that comfort. It broke my heart this afternoon when he looked at me with those big eyes and a pout on his face. Hopefully its only 2 days and we can go back to our normal feeding routine.

side note: the doctor weighed Austin and he's now 9lbs. 11oz.! He's gained 4 lbs. in 4 weeks....

Sunday, August 3, 2008

1 Month Old

Today our little Austin is one month old. I cannot believe that it has already been a month since we had him. It seems like we were just at the hospital being induced. It's sad how fast time is going by. He has already grown and changed so much. He is now smiling a lot more and today he even started to laugh when I tickled his foot. I am so excited to see him grow and experience life but, I am sad that each day my little baby is getting bigger and bigger. The other night we even had to put away a pair of pajamas that he out grew. These were the same pajamas that were so big on him when he came home that 2 of him could have fit into them. Time really does fly. Austin is also starting to stay awake more during the day which we are very happy about. Not only does this mean he will start sleeping longer at night, it is also nice to be able to spend time playing and interacting with him more.