Saturday, August 1, 2009

Adventures in Cloth Diapering and a New Job!

Today I attended a cloth diapering seminar in Ann Arbor. I learned so much and am even more excited about using them for the new baby and for Austin. This store was heaven with all the different types that you could see and purchase. It was much better then just searching on the Internet without seeing what will work for us. We decided to buy one diaper today to try it out on Austin and to see how we like them. We decided to try the Bum Genius first. It has three different sizes and seemed super absorbent. We put Austin to bed tonight in it so we will see how it holds up through the night. If anything he looked so adorable in it because I had it double stuffed. He was a little confused at first when I put it on but after a minute he was running around and fine with the change.

While I went to the seminar, John took Austin to see the U of M football stadium. Austin has not been there since he was a couple of months old and he slept the whole time then. Austin had fun running around and John got some really cool pictures of Austin with the stadium behind him.
In even better news, we are happy to report that John was offered an incredible teaching job the other day. It is at a brand new school in Detroit. The building is undergoing a renovation and is going to be outfitted with the best technology available. John starts on August 17Th. This is a school that John really wanted to get into which makes the offer even better. Because of the career change this allows me a career change and I will soon be a stay at home mom. I am super excited to be able to stay home and take care of my babies. I feel like I was missing out on so much with Austin and seeing him cry in the mornings when we dropped him off was heart breaking. Austin is going to benefit from me being home so much. He will finally be able to get on a regular schedule since when he is a daycare he doesn't like to nap at all. I am sure it will be a huge adjustment for me and I will have my days that I wish I had a break but I can't wait to be able to spend everyday with my little men.

In pregnancy news, we are going to be scheduling a c-section at my next appointment. Now with John's new job, the date will be tricky because we are supposed to have it the week John will be starting school. We will work it out and I am sure I will have plenty of people around me to help out the first few weeks.

Many new changes are happening for our family and we are excited about each one. New jobs, me staying home, new baby, and who knows what else. We are ready for each challenge and cant wait to see what else is to come.

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Maddie's mommy said...

So glad you liked the seminar! Isn't the store great?

Congrats John! Christina, I can't wait to hang out more once you are a SAHM!!