Tuesday, July 21, 2009

No More Bottles!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I am happy to report that Austin no longer has any bottles. He was down to one bottle at bedtime and I was not sure how to break him of this but Austin, like always, has a mind of his own and decided he was done.

Over vacation we started giving him a snack around 7:30pm / 8:00pm (usually yogurt or fish crackers). Something to fill his belly. Since he was having a snack, he was only drinking a few ounces of his bottle. We also started a better nighttime routine to make bedtime easier. He now has a snack with us, goes upstairs, brushes his teeth, plays in his room while Daddy reads a book, (he will not sit for a book for more than a page or two) and then it is time for bed. Because of my growing belly, it was very hard for me to cuddle and feed him his bottle. This past week he fell asleep on the couch with John and I so we put him to bed. I took this as a opportunity to cut the bottles out of our nighttime routine.

It has been a week now and bedtime couldn't be easier. Austin likes me to stand by his crib for about 5-10 minutes until he closes his eyes but he does not get up and run around his crib or fight me anymore. Same goes for nap time. Around 10:00am (when I am home) I tell Austin it's "na-night" time and he grabs his pacifier and blanket and heads for the stairs. I lay him down and rub his head and back and he talks a little then its off to sleep for usually an hour and a half. We repeat the same at 2:00pm.

I am so happy that he has gotten easier to put to sleep because with a new baby on the way, its going to make it much easier.

In baby news... our little man is still breeched and causing me much discomfort. As of right now it looks like another c-section is going to happen. I am OK with that. At least I know what to expect. As far as being breeched... I never thought it would be this uncomfortable. I knew before I went to the doctor that he was not in the right position because of the pain and trouble breathing. Time is going by fast and we can't wait to meet him!

Monday, July 13, 2009

Austin's Birthday Party and 1 Year Updates

Austin had his birthday party this past Saturday and it was tons of fun. We had it at my parents' house so we could have lots of room outside. It turned out to be the perfect day, bright and sunny. All the kids had fun running around the backyard and playing in the kiddie pool. Thank you to all the family and friends that came to celebrate our baby's first year.
Austin loved his cakes that his Aunt Jen made. Cookie monster is his favorite and he wasted no time diving into the cake. Austin also got so many nice presents. He was in need of some new toys and clothes for the fall. Mommy and Daddy learned a very good lesson to not bring in all the toys when you get home because Austin wanted to stay up late and play with all of them.

So now we are back to normal life. Vacations and birthdays are over. We are now focusing on getting back on schedule, preparing for the new baby and working out schedules for next year.
Austin has had an amazing year and I look forward to getting to spend more time with him next year.
John and I decided that it would not be in the best interest for him or his little brother to go Little Turtle next year. We love it there but Austin has had a very hard time each morning and it has not gotten any better. It is a stress on all three of us right now each morning we have to take him there. We have decided either I will stay home with both boys full time or John will in the morning and I will in the afternoons. The final schedule has yet to be dermined. Either way, both boys will have stress free mornings with mom or dad.
Austin has really grown up over these last few weeks. John and I really noticed it over vacation. His vocabulary is starting to take shape. To the naked ear, it sounds like baby talk but to a trained mom and dad we can make out several words. He now will say "Kacie" (this is my parents' dog but he thinks every dog is Kacie), "mama", "dada", "more", "snack", "yeah" (we are working on yes but I am sure he hears us say yeah a lot), "bye bye", and "ball". Last night during a time out I think I heard him say "no-no". So we are getting there with the communication.
Austin's walking has been perfected and now he is working on running. He has blossomed into a full blown toddler and I think although only 1 years old, is showing signs of some terrible 2 tendencies. He now can follow simple directs which makes some tasks easier.
His favorite activity right now is coloring and playing golf with his new clubs. Tiger Woods watch out! Daddy has been helping him with his technique.

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

On the Road Again

Our official start time on the road was 3:40 a.m. and we arrived home at 12:30 a.m. We can't express enough how proud of Austin we are for how wonderful he was during this whole vacation but especially the trip home. Our little angel let us drive straight through without making many stops. Austin slept most of the morning and afternoon. We briefly stopped for lunch and dinner and maybe once or twice more for a few minutes but other than that we drove most of the time. He really didn't complain much and didn't need to be entertained as much as he did on the way down there. We were very thankful not to have to stop overnight because we were anxious to get home and sleep in our own beds plus it was saving a lot of money by not getting a hotel. There are not many pictures from the way home because we were concentrating on driving. I did manage to take a couple of pictures of Austin before we left the condo in the morning. He decided the last night that he didn't want to sleep in his bed so he slept with us. He looks so tiny in a big king size bed. 

Overall our trip was absolutely wonderful. I was a little concerned going on such a big vacation with a baby but it made the trip 1000 times more fun. The joys of being a parent keep getting better and better and it is true when they say you see a whole new world through your child's eyes. This vacation was probably the cheapest but most fun vacation John and I have ever taken. Doing simple things with Austin was better then taking him to every park and spending tons of money. 

Having the Walkenhorst family with us was so much fun. Austin and Nate got along so well and by the end of the trip you could tell they were going to miss each other. It was nice hanging out with Dan and Katie after the boys went to bed (even when it means playing the longest UNO game ever known to man). I think this vacation definitely strengthened our friendship. I can't wait to have more vacations together. 

John and I are already planning ahead to next year. (Now as a family of 4 we have to think ahead and save). We most likely will be going to Sesame Place next year which is a whole theme park designed around Sesame Street. Both of our boys will be the perfect age to ride almost everything. 

Now its back to getting Austin onto a normal schedule. Naps and bedtime routines. Also we have to start getting ready for our new addition. The nesting stage has definitely set in and I am in super organization mode. Only 65 days left... or less!

Sunday, July 5, 2009

Last day in Florida

Today was our last official day in Florida. We decided to make it a low key day and relax. In the morning we headed off to M&M World. Austin loved this place because it was so colorful. 
Austin sitting on the race car in M&M World

After M&M World, we headed back to the condo for one last swim. Unfortunately the water was so warm it was not very refreshing. Later that evening the whole gang headed off to Sweet Tomatoes for one last dinner. Austin loved this restaurant which made it easy for John and I to enjoy our meal. We let Austin stay up late so that he will sleep very good in the car tomorrow. Now we are packing up and loading the car. We are leaving at 3:30 a.m.

Saturday, July 4, 2009

4th of July and Florida Vacation - Day 6

Today was a very relaxing and laid back day on our vacation. We decided that Austin needed a day of just hanging out and doing his "normal" activities of playing and hanging out. We woke up around 7:45am which is sleeping in for Austin and hung out all morning. Austin and Nate have been getting along so well and spent the morning playing and coloring together.

Well along with turning 1, comes the harsh lessons of life and timeouts. Austin got to experience his very first timeout after not listening and almost pulling a huge floor lamp on his self and the TV. Like any good parents would do... we took a picture. Although Austin did not fully understand what a timeout was, John and I felt that it was a good time to introduce this because he is starting to get into everything.

After an afternoon of Chick-fil-A for lunch and naps, we headed over to Oviedo, FL to hang out with my family for one last time. Austin got to enjoy another birthday party filled with yummy chinese food, cake and presents. Austin even got to go swimming with Daddy.

It was a great relaxing day. Just what we all needed after a few busy days. Tomorrow is our last day and although we are sad about leaving, we are excited to get back and see everyone and get back to our normal routines.


Yesterday was our little baby's first birthday! I can't believe that it has been a year since we had that little 6lb squirmy little baby boy. This time last year John and I had no idea what to do with him and now he is an energetic little toddler running around getting into everything. Its amazing how much a baby can change in one year! His not just a baby anymore but, his own person with a big personality.

Over his first year he has become a very independent and determined child. He doesn't like when anything gets in his way even if it's mommy or daddy. He will try things over and over again until he gets what he wants. All in three months he went from crawling, to standing, going up stairs, to walking and now running.

He is a child that loves to study things and people and in a crowed environment, sits back and watches everything that is going on. Just this weekend he has been watching his friend Nate open up doors and yesterday, even though he was way to short, he spent a good amount of time trying to open them. Everyday is a new adventure. Austin has also been practicing his words. On this trip he has been saying 'mama' more. Hopefully with some practice and encouragement he will start to pick up more words.

This is a picture of Austin bright and early on his birthday. I thought he didn't have any clue it was his birthday but the whole day he knew it was a special day and he was the center of attention.

We began Austin's birthday celebration with a yummy trip to IHOP. Austin has really been into coloring lately and when given crayons knows to color on the paper.

At IHOP there was a lady walking around making balloon animals for all the kids. Austin got a special birthday hat that he wore proudly.

Our next stop on the birthday celebration was Downtown Disney. Here we stopped at the Lego store where Austin was able to play with them outside. We found out that he really likes them and we will need to get some for home.

This is an action shot of Austin throwing the Lego back into the bin. At 1 years old he has a really good arm.

Austin outside the Lego store with the Lego puppies. We are not sure but, we think he thought they were real.

After the Lego store we headed to the world's largest Disney store where we let Austin roam around and pick out whatever he wanted. All that walking was tiring and when Austin found a giant Mickey and Minnie he decided to lay down and rest.
Austin in a pair of Mickey ears.
Austin had fun playing in a big train in another toy store.

We had a great time at Downtown Disney even though it was extremely hot. Austin picked out a Nemo cup with a straw and Mickey character toys. After that we went into Team Mickey where Austin got a cool ESPN toddler backpack since he is a big boy and doesn't need a diaper bag anymore. He also got the perfect size bat and ball.

After a quiet rest at home, we all headed to New Smyrna Beach for one last day of ocean fun. Austin really liked playing in the sand which made it very hard to get his football picture.

After a yummy dinner of hot dogs and hamburgers with Uncle Eugene and Aunt Karen's family, everyone sang Happy Birthday to Austin. He was very shy about having everyone sing to him. He did however not miss out on the great old tradition of diving into the cake with your hands.

Austin had a wonderful first birthday. I can't wait for all the new and exciting things that are to come with him. He is the best gift from God that John and I have ever been given and each day we learn so much from him.

Thursday, July 2, 2009

Florida Family Vacation - Day 5

Today was another great day in Florida. We began our day with yet another thunderstorm. We decided since the kids were so little, taking them to a huge water park and paying lots of money to get in would not be worth it. Thankfully Katie did her research and found out that the local parks and rec had a little water park for kids (just Austin and Nate's size). The great part was it only cost $4 per adult to get in. 

Austin had a good time but he was very tired. He has been sleeping in until 9 a.m. which means he is not getting a morning nap. He played a little but you could tell by the many yawns that he would rather be napping. 

Austin and Mommy cuddling at the water park

Austin was such a big boy and loved climbing up and down the stairs. He even went down the bigger tube slide all by himself. We could not take a picture because we needed one to help him down and the other to catch
The off and on rain forced us to take a break and wait for the lightning to stop. The boys got a little antsy but they were very good waiting paticently. 
Austin going down the froggy slide. He even went under the water a few times without shedding a tear. 

Daddy bought Austin a special treat for being such a good boy all day without a nap. 

After a day at the mini water park we took the kids home for a little break. Austin decided that a nap was not in his future plans. After about an hour of John and I both laying down with him, we threw in the towel and let him up. Although he was very good, he was not in the best mood when we decided to visit the condo pool for a little bit. 
This is Austin desperatly trying to get out of the pool. 

For all those that know Austin, he tends to do things his own way and live in his own little world. At the pool he decided that lounging in his baby floaty was much better then sitting in it the right way. All he needed was his sippy cup in one hand and he would have been all set. 

For dinner we decided to go out to BB King's House of Blues. Austin was a very good boy and ate a very good dinner and even danced to the music. 

Tomorrow is a very exciting day, more so for John and me. Austin turns 1 years old! We are so excited and cant believe that our little tiny baby is now 1 and doing so many things. We hope to make tomorrow a very special day even though Austin has no clue it is a special day.