Thursday, February 14, 2008

We are having a boy!

Here is our baby on Valentines day

Well after much anticipation of this day. 4 years to the date that we got engaged, John and I found out today that the new addition to our family will be a boy! We had our second ultra sound today and were very anxious to find out what we were having but our sweet child had different plans and was very sleepy. He was curled up in a comfy position with his legs tightly closed with no desire to move. I told the nurse that our baby was not a morning person and after much urging and shaking of my belly, for about 1/2 a second he opened his legs. The nurse took a quick picture confirming it was a boy and the little guy curled right back up not to happy for the disturbance of his morning nap. The rest of the appointment went very well. The baby is measuring perfectly and everything has been healthy with me. After the appointment John and I went out to lunch to let the idea and reality of a son sink in. After much discussion of having so much to do and a name to come up with, it was off to school for John and back to work for me. Our parents were very excited. This will make 4 confirmed grandsons for my parents with a maybe on the way from my sister.