Saturday, July 4, 2009


Yesterday was our little baby's first birthday! I can't believe that it has been a year since we had that little 6lb squirmy little baby boy. This time last year John and I had no idea what to do with him and now he is an energetic little toddler running around getting into everything. Its amazing how much a baby can change in one year! His not just a baby anymore but, his own person with a big personality.

Over his first year he has become a very independent and determined child. He doesn't like when anything gets in his way even if it's mommy or daddy. He will try things over and over again until he gets what he wants. All in three months he went from crawling, to standing, going up stairs, to walking and now running.

He is a child that loves to study things and people and in a crowed environment, sits back and watches everything that is going on. Just this weekend he has been watching his friend Nate open up doors and yesterday, even though he was way to short, he spent a good amount of time trying to open them. Everyday is a new adventure. Austin has also been practicing his words. On this trip he has been saying 'mama' more. Hopefully with some practice and encouragement he will start to pick up more words.

This is a picture of Austin bright and early on his birthday. I thought he didn't have any clue it was his birthday but the whole day he knew it was a special day and he was the center of attention.

We began Austin's birthday celebration with a yummy trip to IHOP. Austin has really been into coloring lately and when given crayons knows to color on the paper.

At IHOP there was a lady walking around making balloon animals for all the kids. Austin got a special birthday hat that he wore proudly.

Our next stop on the birthday celebration was Downtown Disney. Here we stopped at the Lego store where Austin was able to play with them outside. We found out that he really likes them and we will need to get some for home.

This is an action shot of Austin throwing the Lego back into the bin. At 1 years old he has a really good arm.

Austin outside the Lego store with the Lego puppies. We are not sure but, we think he thought they were real.

After the Lego store we headed to the world's largest Disney store where we let Austin roam around and pick out whatever he wanted. All that walking was tiring and when Austin found a giant Mickey and Minnie he decided to lay down and rest.
Austin in a pair of Mickey ears.
Austin had fun playing in a big train in another toy store.

We had a great time at Downtown Disney even though it was extremely hot. Austin picked out a Nemo cup with a straw and Mickey character toys. After that we went into Team Mickey where Austin got a cool ESPN toddler backpack since he is a big boy and doesn't need a diaper bag anymore. He also got the perfect size bat and ball.

After a quiet rest at home, we all headed to New Smyrna Beach for one last day of ocean fun. Austin really liked playing in the sand which made it very hard to get his football picture.

After a yummy dinner of hot dogs and hamburgers with Uncle Eugene and Aunt Karen's family, everyone sang Happy Birthday to Austin. He was very shy about having everyone sing to him. He did however not miss out on the great old tradition of diving into the cake with your hands.

Austin had a wonderful first birthday. I can't wait for all the new and exciting things that are to come with him. He is the best gift from God that John and I have ever been given and each day we learn so much from him.

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