Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Using the potty

Well we have been back and forth with Austin on this whole potty business. Its so frustrating because he has the whole concept and can do it but just doesn't want to and when a 2 year old doesn't want to do something.... they really don't want to do something. We have gone on 3 hour car trips, took naps, and went to bed for the night, all without accidents but when it comes to going during the day, forget it. Unless I feel like getting a workout and arguing, we ask, and if he says no, we move on.

Well last night, Mason decided he did not want a bottle before bed. I thought that would mean he would be up extremely early because he was hungry but to my surprise he slept until about 5:30. At that time John made him a bottle and I figured he would drink it and go back to sleep. When I went to change him before his bottle I noticed he was completely dry. This was impressive for an 11 month old. So he drank the bottle and after an hour of fighting, I gave in to the reality that I was not getting anymore sleep and headed downstairs for some much needed coffee. At that time I noticed he was still dry. I had been thinking that after all this trouble with Austin, I would love to start getting Mason used to the potty once or twice a day but had not started that yet. I decided to try it that morning. So Mason and I headed to the potty, I put him on and without a hesitation he pooped and peed. I was so surprised because Austin has only accidentally did that once. I was so excited (more for the fact I didn't have to change a dirty diaper). When Austin got up I told he and let him know that Mason would get to go to the store to pick out a present (this is something we have been telling Austin to try to get him to poop on the potty).

I asked Austin if he wanted to go and and he said no so he proceeded with breakfast. After breakfast, I decided to try Mason again since he had a lot of juice. Austin eagerly followed. Once again I put Mason on and he went right away. Austin was very excited so I thought he would want a turn. I asked Austin if he wanted to go and he said "No, good job maymay" and walked away. Well I guess that was that. At least he was proud of his brother even if it gave him no extra motivation.

On another note, Tot school starts August 23rd so there will be lots of new posts, reviews, and giveaways. I am very excited and a little nervous for this year because Mason will be starting and anything with the two boys is always hectic... oh well lots of coffee and deep breaths.

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Reflecting Back on the past year: Austin

I am sitting here tonight thinking about where our life was a year ago. I can not believe how much things have changed in one year and how fast things are going. I wish I could slow it down just a bit or pause it at certain moments. Where do I even begin.

A year ago today we were getting ready for the best vacation we have taken to date. Florida was so much fun last year and it was amazing to spend it with such special friends and family. Austin was just a little peanut at the time. He was still using a pacifier, taking two naps a day and taking a bottle at night. His vocabulary was VERY limited and he had no desire to repeat anything. He was walking but was still a bald little guy. At the time I thought he was such a big boy and now I look back and think he was such a little baby. I was about 8 months pregnant and working at the alternative school. John was doing his long term subbing position and had just found out he would not be hired for the full time position in the fall. Last year at this time, everything was an unknown. We were unsure of how we would handle another baby with Austin being so young. We were unsure of if I would be working or staying home and if I was working how we would manage daycare for two little ones. If I wasn't working how we would manage life on one income. We had no idea where John would be and if he would be teaching or still at the printing place. Everything was so up in the air at this time last year. And now we are here and I look at how amazing everything turned out and how fast it actually went.

Austin went from that bald little one year old that barley talked and would not repeat to a hilarious and outgoing toddler that is never quiet. He is a boys boy and loves everything sports. In the beginning when I was staying home I used to tell John I got lonely because I could not have a conversation with Austin. Now believe me I am not lacking any socialization during the day. Austin never stops talking even if its to himself. This year has been a relatively relaxed one for Austin. We have had no major sicknesses other then the upper respiratory infection. Other then that I think there might have been one or two colds and that is it. I don't think he sits still long enough to catch anything! Last year Austin was still perfecting his walking and now he is full blown walking, running, jumping, hopping, and climbing. Due to his love of sports, he can name whatever sport is on TV or in a picture or if you show him some sort of equipment. He can also name all of the major sports equipments. Yes I have surrendered to the fact that with 2 boys my life is will be taken over by sports and I actually enjoy watching Austin play and learn new skills. In terms of a preference I do not think he has one yet. He loves basketball, hockey, football, and baseball equally. John takes full advantage of his love and has already taught him how to shoot a basketball (thanks to Papa who got him an adjustable net), shoot a ball into a hockey net with a stick, hit a baseball off a T and recently hit a baseball without one (We are very impressed with this new skill.) and is trying to teach him to throw a football one handed. Along with his sports, Austin has recently learned how to roller blade on his new roller blades (again we were totally amazed by this when he wanted us to let go). This last year with the overload in his language, Austin also decided that he was not content calling my mom Grammy like all the other grand kids. No, my little man had to be different so he on his own he decided Grammy was now Mimi. I am glad Austin didn't just go along with the crowd. Hopefully this trait follows him in life! Just about 2 months ago Austin was saying so much and repeating everything but was still using only one word at a time. I was a little concerned and mentioned it to the doctor at his well visit. She said it was fine for now and we would revisit it at his 2 year well visit. Well Austin taught me not to jump the gun and underestimate his ability because literally the next day, he was saying 2 to 3 word phrases. Leave it to a toddler to do things when they are good and ready. And now we are here, only a couple weeks away from my first little baby turning two. I have such mixed emotions because I love the age he is at right now. He has such a funny personality and cracks John and I up just about every second of the day. He is such a good big brother to Mason (most of the time) and each day is showing more and more affection towards him. There are a few biting incidents but those have greatly decreased. Austin watches everything I do with Mason and can repeat most of it. Even when he is eating bread, I catch him tearing off small pieces for Mason. He tries to hold his hand and walk with him although the concept of "slow" has not been understood so Mason quickly crawls away when he sees Austin coming saying "walk Maymay". Austin is going to be quite the daddy when he grows up and daily is taking one of his stuffed animals and putting diapers and powder on it, giving it bottles and pretending to give it baby food. He also wraps it in a blanket and puts it to sleep. Its is very sweet to watch. I cant say enough about Austin (I guess that's because I am his mom). He is such an awesome little boy and aside from the typical toddler stubbornness and my questions of if he has lost all his hearing or is just ignoring me, he is a really good little boy. Some days he eats me out of house and home and other days he is on a hunger strike of some sort and refuses to eat anything but fruit snacks and bread.

Some recent phrases I have had to say to Austin:
"Austin you can not go out of the house in a diaper, fireman hat, and one froggy rain boot."
"No you can not have bread and steak sauce for a snack." (He can now open the fridge)
"No we did not leave Mason at the store, he is home with Daddy."
"No Mimi is not still at the store, that was over a month ago."

Me: Austin what is your name?
Austin: Caillou
Me: No your name is Austin, What is your name?
Austin: Caillou

Situation: Mason, Austin and myself eating lunch at home one afternoon. Mason was given a banana so Austin wanted one too. I was at the sink rinsing some plates off. * note we have not had any visitors to our house recently.
Me: Austin who threw the banana on the floor?
Austin: Riley (his cousin)
Me: Really Austin, Riley is not here. Did you throw the banana on the floor?
Austin: No
Me: Then who did?
Austin: Riley

Some things I would love to bottle up that Austin does or says.... the way he calls strawberry's strawbs, the fact that he is obsessed with John's car and starts screaming "daddy's car" a million times when he sees it, the way he looks at you out of the corner of his eye and then gets a huge smile on his face. The fact that he repeats EVERYTHING you say like a little parrot, the amazing talent he has to remember everything you say, the way he yells go blue when he sees a football or Michigan M. I love his imagination and how he runs around talking to himself because in his little mind he is playing some sort of game. I love that he calls John Da-die. Where he got this from is unknown again. John loves when they watch sports together Austin always has to hold something from that sport like his hockey stick or basketball. I love the way he cheers for himself when he knows he did something good or difficult or the way he grabs his blanket and says "cuddle cuddle" when he wants to be close to you. I love his enthusiasm (or stubbornness but I am trying to be positive) for just about everything. He never gives up even if it means throwing an all out fit to try to get what he wants. There is usually a situation at least once a day that I know I should yell at him for something he did or said but its just to funny and I have to use all my strength to keep from laughing.

Some of Austins current favorite things and dislikes
1. Caillou - ask what he wants to watch and this is what he will say
2. Barney is making a comeback but only the Santa episode - Christmas in July anyone?
3. Hates breakfast and if I am lucky might be able to get him to eat something
4. Papa and Mimi. If you ask Austin if he wants to live there he will say yes and I wouldn't doubt it if he started packing his things.
5. My parents boat. Whenever he sees a boat, its papas.
6. His new power wheel jeep (another present from papa)
7. Swimming
8. Any of his little people play things.
9. Going anywhere. Everyday he asks to go "bye bye"
10. Fruit snacks and fruit - pretty much refuses to eat anything else right now.

And with that my little baby is going to be two. I could go on and on about all the great things he does. We love him so much and as much as he drives me crazy each day, I can't even believe I was away from him his first year. I love spending each day with him and seeing what crazy thing he is going to do or what funny thing he going to say. I am sure this next year will be just as fun and crazy as this year has been.

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Updates, Updates and more Updates.

Wow life has been crazy... well with two little ones I guess thats the norm.


Mason is growing like a weed and is all over the place. He exceeded his brother and decided to start crawling at 7 months instead of 8 like his big brother. Within days of crawling he conquered the stairs and pulling himself up. He can stand on his own but is very hesitant about walking. He can walk when pushing things around but does not show a desire to do it on his own. I am ok with that, and just trying to adjust to him being all over the place. Austin is not so sure about Mason now being able to follow him wherever he goes. He absolutely loves his "baby" but when it comes to sharing, we have issues. Mason is also starting to talk. He says mama, dada, and bubba. Mason now understands the word "no" and does not like hearing it. He is very dramatic and when told no or upset he will start crying and lay down with his hands in his face. Its very sad but a little over the top at times. He is still very attached to his mama but is becoming very social and as long as he can see me, he loves being held by anyone. Mason is also really enjoying his daddy and whenever John comes home or is around Mason anxiously crawls to him. A few weeks ago Mason went on a teething marathon and cut three teeth all at once. It has been very difficult for him and us. He was not sleeping due to pain. Right now he is cutting his second upper tooth and is a little uncomfortable but it does not want to seem to pop through. I am keeping my fingers crossed that this has caused his all of a sudden 3 a.m. wake up time and hope as soon as that tooth comes through he will be back to 6 a.m.

The sutures in his head turned out to be just fine. I knew when they were taking the first set of x-rays that  they were not good. Mason was screaming and the lady was not very comforting to my little baby. When we met with the specialist, they decided to send me right over to Childrens Hospital downtown to get better x-rays so he could see. There they were excellent. Mason didn't make a peep and didn't even move. The x-rays came back perfect and no follow up is needed. We were so thankful but mentally and emotionally exhausted. Mason still has to get his tongue clipped but this mama just doesn't want to put her baby through something else right now. We will schedule it soon but just want him to get over his teething and have a few days pain free.


Austin is Austin what can I say. He is so funny and sassy and there is never a dull day with him. He loves his brother very much but gets very mad at him. He can be very rough at times and we are trying to work on that. I think once Mason starts walking, Austin will back off a bit. Austin refuses to share toys right now with Mason and its understandable since Mason just wants to ruin what Austin set up. Austin absolutely loves anything Little People and plays with his farm and town center a few times a day. He has a very good imagination for such a little Guy. Austin is still doing Tot School although it is more informal now. We have basically been going out everyday to do something so we dont usually have time to sit and do lessons formally. We have been working on counting and Austin can count to 3 on his own and after that will start randomly saying numbers. At least he understands to say numbers. He has also learned to repeat our mealtime prayer. Austin is a joy and a challenge all at the same time. Just when you get so mad at him he will give you a look or do something that has you cracking up. He now can actually hold a conversation and answer questions about his day. He is such a little person.

Potty training has basically stopped. We ask him and if he says no then we do not push him. Starting June 1st he is back in his underwear and we are going full force. He gets the concept but is just to lazy to stop actually take time to go.

Johns job is going great. He is always busy so we enjoy those nights like tonight when he actually gets him at dinner time. I am loving staying home now. We spend a lot of time going out now that Mason is older and does not require as much.

Here is a link to the boys recent photo shoot. They turned out so good and we love everyone.


Thursday, February 18, 2010

So many new things

The boys are doing so many new things its hard to keep up.

Lets start with Mason.

Mason is now sitting up on his own. He likes to sit on the floor and play with his toys. He slept on his stomach for the first time last night which was exciting and nervous all at once. I was happy he was able to sleep and he actually slept much better. Mason also started walking in his walker. I am so happy he is starting to be able to get himself where he wants to go. He is also showing signs of wanting to crawl. He pushes up and is starting to push himself backwards. He is not a fan of baby food at all. He would much rather nurse or have a bottle. I can't believe he is almost 6 months. In 3 months, if he follows in Austin's footsteps, he will be walking! I am honestly treasuring every cuddly second I have with him because I can see from Austin how time flies and when they reach toddlerhood, they just don't have time to cuddle.

Now for Austin

Austin is speaking up a storm lately His words are becoming more clearer.  He has started counting which is very exciting. I will say 1 and he will say two, I will say 3 and he will say four. Its good to know something is sinking in that head of his. He has started to express what he wants on his own. He will sign and say eat when he is hungry and ask for juice when he is thirsty. This is awesome because it takes away a lot of frustration for all of us. Austin has truly changed from a baby to a toddler. He has been doing great with the potty although he doesn't go, he asks to sit on it. This is something we are not pushing so we take his lead. Another milestone for me more so then for Austin is the fact that I don't have to cut up most of his food anymore. It was such a weird moment when I could hand him a bowl of grapes uncut and he was fine. I am somewhat sad to be loosing my baby but love the little man he is becoming. Austin is also doing awesome at praying at every meal and at bedtime. He even prayer checked me tonight. I sat down with my plate and picked up my fork. He looked at me with a very serious look and clapped his hands together as in a way to tell me I have to pray before I eat.

Friday, February 12, 2010

Quick update

Mason is supposed to have surgery on Friday of next week but because the insurance wants to make sure its necessary they are making the doctor write a letter to prove this. They basically want me to let him starve and lose weight before they will cover it which of course I will not do. Hopefully the letter from the doctor will work. Because of all this, they said it will probably have to get pushed back. Hopefully it all works out.

Our Tot School blog has changed. Here is the new link http://adventuresintotschool.blogspot.com/

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

ENT and more

Today Mason had his ENT appointment to assess his tongue tie. Mason's pediatrician wanted to wait until he was 18 months and speaking before anything was done, but after talking, John and I decided we didn't want to wait until there was a problem that needed to be fixed and put an 18 month old through the stress of getting it fixed so we decided to see the specialist now and get his opinion on the matter. He was very nice and said that Mason had a moderate tongue tie but agreed it should be taken care of now instead of later when the recovery time jumps from a couple of days to a week for older children. Unfortunaly this procedure has to be done as an out patient surgery so on February 17th, Mason have this taken care of. I am already stressed and a wreck but I know we will get through it.

Mason is growing and changing every day. He is eating baby food for dinner and already has preferences. Like a true brother, Mason has joined forces with Austin and hates peas. He does love carrots though. Mason is also not a fan of pears at all. Mason is also almost sitting on his own. He would already have it if he wasn't so grabby and always trying to get stuff out of his reach. He is rolling over non stop and has recently discovered his feet. Mason loves his big brother and lights up and screams whenever Austin decides to give him some attention.

Mason has proven to be VERY attached to his mommy. He has demonstrated this on several occasions of screaming when left with other people while I go out. Hopefully this is a phase that does not last because i am starting to feel a little trapped and do not enjoy when i do get a chance to get out because I am worried about him the whole time. I don't know if I posted this last time but we have conquered the bottle issue and he now takes it whenever we give it to him although he still prefers to nurse.

Austin has become quite the little parrot, repeating whatever he hears. He has now given up his pacifiers and we have not had much of an issue with that. He asked and we tell him they went bye bye and he is a big boy now and usually thats the end of it.

Austin is working on jumping now and is getting pretty good. Its very cute to watch him jump and only lift up one leg. He is always so proud and claps after he performs.

Austin has been practicing going on the potty much more these days. He has even went a few times. Hopefully in the next few months as Mason gets better at entertaining himself, I can focus on this with Austin. For now we are letting him just get used to the idea.

Austin has been doing really well in Tot School. His 1 year old patience is something that we have to work on but he loves it and it always very proud of what he makes or does. Everyday Austin is constantly entertaining us. There is never a day that goes by that he doesn't do something to make us laugh.

Here are some random pictures of the boys
Austin learned to climb in Masons walker himself. 

Austin has no fear which has resulted in a lot of boo boos in our house. The funny thing is Austin hates having band aids on and usually cries harder about that then the actual injury. 
Austin loves playing in his closet. 

Just being silly!

This is what happens when Mommy had to give baths while dealing with Mason (which I do not do, thats John's job)

Austin was so tired he fell asleep on his little brother.

I almost forgot how messy it can be when they first start eating!

Laughing at mommy.

One of his favorite things is to look in his toy bucket and take all the toys out.

My angel baby playing with his newly discovered feet

Love the feet

sitting his own
rolling over. He is a pro at it now. 

Passed out in our bed.

Austin now
And Austin a year ago

Sunday, January 10, 2010

Our poor Blog....

Oh Blog how we have neglected you! So having two babies, a husband that works two very demanding jobs and just everyday crazy life to deal with doesn't leave much time for blogging. I have every intent to always post but unfortunately the blog has taken a back seat to Facebook. I will make it a goal to blog more updates from now on. With that being said, like I don't have enough going with an 18 month old and 4 month old, I am taking on Tot school and starting another blog where you can follow our attempt at that. I hope to post weekly on that.http://totschooltales.blogspot.com/

Ok now for the updates!


Austin has to be one of the funniest kids around. He has already developed a little sarcastic sense of humor and goes out of his way to get us to laugh at him. Of course like most toddlers, when he is asked to perform all of these funny things that he does on a daily basis, he clams up and does nothing, but believe me, he is honestly one of the funniest kids around, with a personality that is far bigger then his tiny little body. 

One of his favorite "shows" to put on for John and I are dancing to his favorite song "Single Ladies" by Beyonce (not the most christian song I know, but totally worth it when he has John and I cracking up watching him dance). Put this song on and the kid goes crazy. He cant help put dance and march around. He hears music and starts dancing away. He has a very unique style of dance (guessing he gets this from daddy) with moves that typically include marching very dramatically, a nice little move I like to call his "sumo wrestler" (I am sure you can imagine this one) and recently head banging and waving his hands in the air. Tonight he was mastering his twirl but still has some work on that one. Austin recently visited the doctor due to being very sick. He now weights 24 lbs and continues to grow like a weed. He had a horrible cold and a slight ear infection, which he was put on antibiotics and starting feeling better within a few days. He is now just getting over his cold. Austin is repeating EVERYTHING now. Just yesterday he repeated his whole alphabet after John. His pronunciation is not the best but I am sure that will come. He still has his own language when taking to you or on the phone. Words that he says on his own are: Ball (more about this later), water (wawa), Mason (maymay), bat, snack, go, bye, hi, ride, down, up, cookie, milk, juice, shoe, boot, bear, baby, no (nana), papa,Kacie. I am sure there are more but these are the ones that I know he says without being told to. Everything else he will say if he is asked to identify something. Austin also can identify all parts of his body when asked. He can do it on himself and other people. He especially likes to show off his tongue. Austin can tell you the sounds of some animals also. He knows duck, cow, dog, frog, pig, and lion. The other day Austin also said his first sentence. He told me "Dada at work".

Austin's current favorite activities are putting on peoples shoes. He loves to walk around in daddy's shoes, telling me the whole time that they are Dada's. He LOVES LOVES LOVES to stand at the counter on a kitchen chair and play with his play food, bowls and water. Wawa is his favorite and many tantrums are when he his told no. He likes to pour it back and forth. Lets just say, my floor around that around that area is washed everyday thanks to Austin. He still loves Barney and Yo Gabba Gabba but has added Sesame Street to his TV list. Austin is truly obsessed with brushing his teeth. He knows the sign for brush and whenever anyone is even close to the bathroom, he is right there signing and saying brush over and over again until you let him. This happens about 10 times a day. He has gotten better and will put the tooth brush away without a tantrum. Austin is completely in his toddler bed now and has been for awhile. He is awesome about not getting out of his bed at all, not that we would mind if he wanted to hang out in his room and play a little in the morning. I often wake up to hearing Austin sitting him bed singing. He still loves his bear and anything else he can treat like a baby. After a brief separation for about a week, he had a wonderful reunion with his teddy and was so excited to see him. Teddy now gets the honor of being dressed up in Masons Michigan snow suite everyday. Some random things about Austin: He is now 7:30 because he was a monster every morning. He takes one nap a day most of the time unless I can tell he needs a morning one. He usually goes down about 12:30-1 for anywhere from 1 1/2 hours to 3. He is my little dare devil and climbs on everything. He can get on all the kitchen chairs and living room furniture himself. He likes to sit on his little table and look out the window. He now favorite thing is to stand on John or my back and balance himself. All in all Austin is a great kid. He goes with the flow and has the normal toddler meltdowns. He is very smart and organized in his own way. He likes things a specific way and does not like if you change them. He often will rearrange things at my moms house if he does not like were she puts things. Everyday is a new adventure with in that is filled with frustration and laughter. 


Mason has been a challenge, but we are working through it. He truly is a happy baby that just likes to be center of attention. After months of trying to get him to take a bottle, we are happy to report that he is taking one without much a problem. He doesn't get one often but when he does, he takes it without a fight. He hasn't been sleeping as much as he needs to during the day, mostly thanks to his noisy big brother, so he has been fussier then I would like. He is my little chunky monkey baby. He is already starting to outgrow 3-6 month clothing and with lots of room, fits into 6 month or 6-9 months. At his 4 month visit he was 14 lbs which is right on track, he just has more meat on his bones the Austin did at this age. We did find out he has a tongue tie which explains a lot. We have an appointment with the ENT on Feb. 2nd to find out what can and should be done. Mason is also a very active baby. He already wants to go go go. When he is sitting on your lap, he will propel himself off so you have to hold on tight. He loves to stand and if he is laid down on the floor, he can move himself all over just by rolling back and forth. He is working on sitting up and is almost there. He even tries to sit up by himself when laid down. Again he is afraid to miss anything that might happen. Staying true to my little men, he is already teething. I say this is a very broad sense, because Austin also started at 3 months but didn't cut teeth until 6. Mason is drooling up a storm and chomping away on everything and anything. He has started baby food off and on, but gets gassy from it so we are making this a much slower process then with Austin who was on stage 3 food by 6 months. Sleeping at night has been for the most part good, other then for the past week or so. He goes to bed by 8 and would get up to eat at about 4 then back down to about 7 when is brother would wake him. Lately though he has been getting up almost every 2-3 hours. Hopefully he will go back to normal soon, but with me staying home now, its not as bad.

John has been working A LOT these days. He is loving his teaching job and putting together a lot of great stuff for the school. The distance is a little difficult because by the time you add traffic, its an hour commute home. Along with teaching he is still working at his other job a couple days a week so needless to say, he is a busy man. 


For the most part I am doing great. Some days I am ready to turn in my mom card and lock myself in a room. I love staying home with Austin and Mason and aside having my daily schedule controlled by a toddler and baby, I wouldn't change it for the world. 

Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Merry Christmas from the McMahons

Due to some McMahon budget cuts, we decided not to send out very many Christmas cards. We still love you and want to wish you a Very Merry Christmas.

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Fall Update and pictures

Painting pumpkins at Plaster Playhouse
Austins new favorite activity sorting his magnetic letters
Austin and daddy all dressed up as hockey players for the october birthdays

We attended Candy Town at Grace again this year. Austin had so much fun playing all the games. Mason also had a great time sleeping through the whole thing. Thanks to Candy Town I have more candy then I need!!

Austin taking his football when we were trying to take Mason's 2 month pictures. He loves his brother but not enough to share his toys yet.

Mason is starting to stay awake more during the day. For the most part he is a very happy baby. He has also graduated to the big boy bath tub. 

Austin in need of a haircut
Mason's 2 month picture


This past Sunday we decided to make a quick trip to the cider mill for some fresh cider and donuts. 

First trip to the cider mill
Mason and Mommy

 Austin and Mommy

Sunday, October 25, 2009

Baby Genius or Proud Mama!

These past couple of weeks, Austin has been like a sponge and has been amazing John and I each day with things that he can now do or can identify. He can now identify his hair, mouth/teeth, nose, eyes, hands and toes. He can also identify them on other people when asked. He saying so many words its hard to keep up with him. We are now working on putting more then one word together but I have not heard him do that yet. He absorbs everything John and I tell him and usually can learn it after one try. He can also identify the sun, birds, balloons, clouds, and many animals like cows, pigs, and dogs in pictures and on tv. He has become such a good helper and can follow simple instructions when told to do something. Today he even got to told his bother all by himself (with mommy close by) and he loved it. He is slowly mastering the spoon and fork and can successfully feed himself mashed potatoes and oatmeal. His current favorite show is Barney with Yo Gabba Gabba in a very close second. He has been attempting to finally eat peas and carrots which is a huge accomplishment. Both boys have been getting over their first colds of the year and Austin finally cut his top two eye teeth and is now working on a set of molars. 

Mason is also becoming more of a baby and less of a newborn. He has great head control when he is not tired and is spending more time awake during the day. He is not yet sleeping through the night but I have a feeling that has a lot to do with the fact we can not get him to take a bottle so he is not filling his belly enough to sleep longer then 5-6 hrs. We are also still battling some colicky spells. Hopefully he will grow out of these soon.