Monday, September 29, 2008

Getting so big!

Family photo at the cider mill

Just me and my dad

B is for Bear. It may be a silly outfit but I sure look cute.

Austin getting his "teeth" brushed for the first time

Austin loves his Elmo toothpaste

This is what happens when a 2 month old makes a card for grandparents day

Being a big boy at the cider mill. And yes he is standing all by himself with just a little support for balance.

Passed out after a fun day with Grammy

Austin is now almost 13 weeks old and amazing us everyday with new and exciting things. He took his first trip the the cider mill on Saturday. Unfortunately he was a very tired little boy and slept through most of the day. He did wake up long enough to get a few pictures taken and to taste a little cider that mommy put on her finger. He still prefers milk and was not very thrilled with the new taste. Austin also started to brush his "teeth" or technically gums. Daddy brushes them every morning and every night to help Austin get used to it and to keep those gums healthy.

Austin has been learning many new things. He is now playing and grabbing at toys a lot. His favorite toys are his little chain links. He has a very bad habit of watching the TV which we are trying to break and has even been caught turning his head while feeding to see what is on. We now have to turn it off to get him to concentrate on eating. Austin has also been practicing sitting on his own and has almost got it. He can balance himself for a few seconds which is pretty good for a 3 month old. He is also moving all over his crib at night and we often wake up to his hands sticking out of the side of the crib. Austin is also standing with assistance and now prefers that over any other position. He has decided he is a big boy and does not want to lay down if he doesn't have to. We also believe that Austin has started teething. He has been running a slight fever, drooling nonstop and has been a little irritable, to say the least.

John and I are also doing really great. John is a month into his student teaching and loving every minute of it. I on the other hand, am not and miss having him home. Austin is a handful and by the time John gets home from work, it's usually just long enough to see Austin for a few minutes and then say goodnight to both of us, because I am exhausted by then. I am doing well also. I had a minor anxiety issue with thinking Austin was going to stop breathing at night so, after a few days of putting Austin in bed with me until John came to bed and the rest of the night having horrible dreams and waking up 100 times at night to go poke him and make him move, we went out and bought the Angle care monitor which monitors his movements and breathing. If he doesn't breathe after 20 seconds and alarm goes off to wake him up and warn us. We all sleep much better now.

Friday, September 19, 2008

Thursday, September 4, 2008


Austin enjoying the sunset at Hubbard Lake

Austin got to stay in his jammies all day when he was sick

Oh where to begin... Austin has had a very busy month. On August 19th Austin got his first cold. I was very sad because he was having a lot of trouble breathing and there really was not much we could do for our little guy. We had to elevate his crib and rub him down with Vicks but other then that we had to let it run its course. Austin was a trooper though and rarely fussed. He was very clingy though and wanted to be held a lot but most of that was due to it being hard for him to breath when laying down. Austin is now healthy and happy.

Austin also visited the doctors and we were shocked to find out he was 10 lbs 5 oz. He is growing so fast. He now is having 1-2 oz of apple juice a day which he loves and for the most part is sleeping through the night averaging 6-8 hours at a time. We are very excited to this new talent and enjoy our happy little baby when he wakes up from 8 hours of sleep. Austin also got to take his first vacation. Dan and Katie invited us up to Hubbard Lake where we had an awesome time with them. Austin got to hang out with Nathan and even went swimming for the first time.

Austin is now 2 months old and he is doing so many things. He has great control over his head and is a very nosey little baby. He is now making lots of noise and "talking" quite a bit. He has discovered his thumb and much to my dismay, finds it very enjoyable during his nap. This is one fight I am afraid I have lot and just hope is a phase he is going through. Today was Austin's first day of "school". He is going to Little Turtle School two days a week. Austin seemed to really like it.

Austin in front of the school sign

Every student seems to get their picture on the turtle out front, so Austin had to on his first day

Austin's "Locker"