Wednesday, July 8, 2009

On the Road Again

Our official start time on the road was 3:40 a.m. and we arrived home at 12:30 a.m. We can't express enough how proud of Austin we are for how wonderful he was during this whole vacation but especially the trip home. Our little angel let us drive straight through without making many stops. Austin slept most of the morning and afternoon. We briefly stopped for lunch and dinner and maybe once or twice more for a few minutes but other than that we drove most of the time. He really didn't complain much and didn't need to be entertained as much as he did on the way down there. We were very thankful not to have to stop overnight because we were anxious to get home and sleep in our own beds plus it was saving a lot of money by not getting a hotel. There are not many pictures from the way home because we were concentrating on driving. I did manage to take a couple of pictures of Austin before we left the condo in the morning. He decided the last night that he didn't want to sleep in his bed so he slept with us. He looks so tiny in a big king size bed. 

Overall our trip was absolutely wonderful. I was a little concerned going on such a big vacation with a baby but it made the trip 1000 times more fun. The joys of being a parent keep getting better and better and it is true when they say you see a whole new world through your child's eyes. This vacation was probably the cheapest but most fun vacation John and I have ever taken. Doing simple things with Austin was better then taking him to every park and spending tons of money. 

Having the Walkenhorst family with us was so much fun. Austin and Nate got along so well and by the end of the trip you could tell they were going to miss each other. It was nice hanging out with Dan and Katie after the boys went to bed (even when it means playing the longest UNO game ever known to man). I think this vacation definitely strengthened our friendship. I can't wait to have more vacations together. 

John and I are already planning ahead to next year. (Now as a family of 4 we have to think ahead and save). We most likely will be going to Sesame Place next year which is a whole theme park designed around Sesame Street. Both of our boys will be the perfect age to ride almost everything. 

Now its back to getting Austin onto a normal schedule. Naps and bedtime routines. Also we have to start getting ready for our new addition. The nesting stage has definitely set in and I am in super organization mode. Only 65 days left... or less!

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