Monday, May 26, 2008


Our Kozy Kabin at KOA

It looks more comfortable then it was!

We almost had a fire.

Well, John and I decided to get away one last time over this Memorial holiday, before we became a family of three. Since money was tight and gas is almost as much as our mortgage payment, we had to think close and cheap. We decided that Shipshewana, Indiana was the place to go. So on Sunday morning we packed up the car and headed out. The drive wasn't bad other then the fact that my feet and hands are swelling very bad lately. The doctor told us to stop every hour so I could get out of the car and walk. John was a very good and patient husband even though it took us a little longer to get there. Between having to stop and walk and the numerous bathroom stops, we eventually did get to the KOA campsite that we decided to stay at to save money instead of a hotel. Because it was only one night John got us the Kozy Kabin instead of us putting up a tent and having to bring all of our camping stuff. It was very nice not having to set any of that up. The cabin was like spending the night in a Greenfield Village home. It was a one room cabin with a queen bed and a set of bunk beds. There was power which was nice because we were able to bring the laptop and watch a movie in the evening and it had air conditioning and wireless internet. After unloading the car, locating the bathrooms, which is a major priority in these last weeks of pregnancy, and taking a walk around the campsite, John and I crashed for a 2 hour nap.

After our nap we woke up, and went to Texas Roadhouse for dinner. When we got back, unfortunately John had homework and I had parts to put together that we do for extra money. So even though we were on vacation, we both had work to do. John tried making a fire but the wood refused to catch fire so instead we went inside and watched a movie.

That night John got to truly appreciate what I have to go through when carrying this baby. When deciding if we were going to stay at a hotel or camp, I warned John that I got up almost every hour to have to go to the bathroom and if we camped he would have to get up and take me. He said that was fine. I think it was fine at 11:45 p.m. when I got up, it was ok at 1:45 a.m. when I got up, not so ok at 3:30 when I had to go again, and just annoying at 6:15 when I had to go. Each time we made the walk to the bathroom, which wasn't exactly close, I asked John how he liked being pregnant and to imagine doing that every night. He was a trooper though and although I know he wasn't happy, he never did complain.

Because of John's rough night, we both slept until about 9am and then got up and started packing. We headed to the flea market which turned out to be way too big for me to walk the whole thing. Again John was a trooper, stopping at every bathroom to let me go and frequent rest periods. We didn't find anything there but we had a good time walking around and seeing all the Amish people. Afterwards, we headed to my favorite place, Yoder's Market, where we stocked up on Amish meat and cheese. We then headed back home, tired and aware that the next trip we took we would have an additional passenger in the car.


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Amber said...

I think it's awesome that you took some time to yourselves. It may be a long time before it happens again!!