Thursday, May 8, 2008

First Birthing CLass

Last night we attended our first birthing class. I was very unsure of what it would be like but it turned out to be very informative. When they announced that we would be watching a video, John immediately told me he wasn't watching it. He would go to the bathroom or close his eyes but he wasn't watching the video. I told him that it would be fine and that if i had to have a human being come out of my body then the least he could do was watch a 30 min. video. Well I am happy to say that John did make it through the video without to much trauma. There were a few comments of "is that baby supposed to look like that? and "when you have the baby I'm not watching" but other then that it was ok. We have our second class this week and it will be less graphic.

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Amber said...

I can totally see John freaking out over that video!!