Friday, May 2, 2008

Our new stroller. Thanks Mom and Dad McMahon!

This is a picture of our first shower gift given to us by John's parents. We cant wait to put Austin in it and take him for walks and to the park!


Dan, Katie and Nate said...

YES!!! I get to be the first comment on your blog!!! The stroller looks awesome! The room looks grear (John, when do you find the time to work on such cool projects). We love the name Austin and we cannot wait to meet him. Nate will be able to have a good play buddy!

Dan, Katie and Nate said...

Okay so apparently Dan wanted this blog to be a secret! He just happened to mention it to me today! You look great Christina and I am glad that everything is going so well with your pregnancy. Love the stroller! The nursery also looks great. I wish my husband had something to motivate him to finish projects that have been started 8 months ago!!!