Friday, September 25, 2009

4 weeks and counting

Snack time!
I love my little brother
Austin hanging out in Mason's swing
Mac and cheese face
Austin also had to try out the basinet
My new double stroller so we can all go for walks
My little men
Mason with a full belly for once. 
Helping mommy give Mason a bath

Today Mason is 4 weeks old. It is so amazing that we have already made it 4 weeks. Looking back I am not sure how I got here or survived this long but luckily each day is getting easier and better. Mason is changing so much. Its hard to believe that two children from the same parents can be so different. I think the biggest misconception that new parents have is that their second is going to be just like their first. That could not be more false. Austin was the poster child for perfect babies. He slept 4-5 hours right away, was sleeping through the night by 2 months, nursed like a champ on schedule and without any fussing, and was very laid back and just went with the flow. Mason on the other hand has proven to be more of a challenge. He is a good baby and we are very lucky but compared to Austin he is a lot more work. Mason seems to be more needy then Austin every was. He likes to be held and the minute you put him down he wakes up and thinks he wants to nurse. I am sure this is a comfort thing but at 3 a.m. its hard to be understanding. Aside from the physical differences of having dark bluish grey eyes and dark brown hair (yes at least one of our children was born with hair!) compared to Austins bright blue eyes and blonde hair (when he finally grew some at a year old), Mason likes to eat all day long. He is a snacker and eats enough to make his belly happy and then wants to go back for more a few minutes later. He is also much bigger then Austin. At 4 weeks old Austin was just growing out of preemie clothes and able to fit into newborn clothes. Mason on the other hand is already done with newborn clothes and fitting nicely into 0-3 month clothes. 

Mason is starting to stay awake more, not by his choice but in efforts to make sure he sleeps at night. he is starting to get on more of a routine which is nice. He usually goes down to bed at about 8 (same as Austin) and will sleep his longest stretch until about 2. He will then wake up around 5-5:30. He is still having trouble going back to sleep after his nighttime feedings. John and I both think he has some stomach issues. Gas drops do not seem to be helping much. The good thing is he likes to be held but does not cry. Mason is also smiling and giggling more often. It is very sweet to see your sleeping baby giggling. 

Austin is becoming quite the little helper. He loved to go get me things when I ask. He also like to check on his brother whenever he makes any type of noise. He is cutting some more teeth so he has not been feeling very good and sleeping a lot. We have gotten him to start sleeping to about 7 which is way better then 6. All in all we are all adjusting. 

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