Monday, September 14, 2009

Weekend News

This weekend was a big one for our little McMahon boys... since Austin is now a big brother we decided to upgrade him to a booster seat at the restaurant. He did very well once food was placed in front of him. He loved the fact he was a big boy sitting at the table with mommy and daddy.  This was also Mason's first trip to a restaurant... Apple Bee's thanks to our church who gave us a gift card. Mason also had his first trip away from mommy. John decided to give me a much needed break on Friday and took the boys to Aunt Anne's house for a family party. I remember the first time Austin was taken away from me, John brought him to Anne's house to see his parent. I was a nervous wreck. I think in the 2 hours John had Austin I called at least 3 times to check on him. Funny how things are so different this time. I was not worried at all this time around and got to work doing things that I can't when Austin is around. I only called once and this time it was to see what time they would be home. 

John was also super husband yesterday and took care of Austin all day so I could get some much needed sleep. I basically slept all day only getting up to feed Mason. It was very needed to get me through another long week of John's meeting and working late at his other job.

Today we are headed for the doctors for both of the boys. Nothing serious. Masons belly button is oozing a little since his cord fell off. The doctor just put some sort of liquid on it to stop that. Austin we think might have an ear infection. He has been putting his finger in his ear  a lot and waking up crying numerous times at night. It would be just teething too so we are going to check it out. 

Each day at home is getting better and more enjoyable for me. We are all starting to get into a routine. I look forward being able to be home to watch my little men grow. 

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