Saturday, October 10, 2009

Jungle Java

On Friday Austin, Mason and I headed to Farmington Hills to go to Jungle Java. I have been searching for fun places to take Austin that are indoors so he can get all his energy out. Jungle Java is a very cool coffee place that has a huge play place for kids and then a smaller toddler section. They have different types of coffee drinks along with snacks and lunch items. We had such a good time even though it was a long drive especially in rain. Austin played in the toddler area although he really wanted to go on the bog play place but because I had Mason I was not able to take him. After playing, Austin and I sat on one of the big comfy couches and had a yummy lunch. Austin had an awesome pretzel grilled cheese sandwich and chocolate mike and I had an avocado turkey sandwich. Austin was a little intimidated by all the kids running around and even though the toddler area was supposed to be 3 or younger, some bigger kids kept wondering in there. Aside from that he did really well playing and even mastered climbing up the play place and going down the slide himself. Everyday he is turning more into a toddler and becoming less of a baby. 

We are proud to report that he has not even attempted to hit his little brother in a few weeks. For awhile whenever Austin got angry at us for not letting him do something he would try to hit Austin. Now there is nothing but love between the two boys. Austin is absolutely obsessed with his baby brother. If Mason even makes a peep, Austin drops what he is doing and runs (literally) to see what is wrong. If Mason is crying, Austin will rub is head or try to put his pacifier in his mouth. Austin is so concerned with Mason that one night after Austin went to bed, I went in to check on him. He was in a dead sleep and Mason who was in our room started to cry. Without even opening his eyes, Austin lifted his little and and pointed in Masons direction and in his cute high pitched baby voice said "brother". It was very sweet that even in his sleep, Austin was concerned Mason was crying. Mason also loves Austin and has started smiling when Austin talks to him or comes up to him for a kiss. Hopefully this loving relationship will continue. 

Austin has been making some big accomplishments. He can now go down the stairs on his stomach without much of a problem. He loves when one of us is upstairs and one downstair so he can go back and forth. He is currently obsessed with birds and screams birds whenever he sees any. His favorite are geese which we have a lot over here. He loves every night when they fly over making lots of noise. John and him would run out side and he would scream with excitement. Austin is saying so much its hard to keep up with what words he can say. He still will not talk on demand or repeat what you say. We catch what we catch. Some words we have heard him say lately are lunch, bird, brother, chucke (when we went to chuck e cheese), juice, keys, car, and shoe. He can also sign please, more, and eat. He had his 15 month check up and is growing like a weed. He is 32 inches tall already. He screamed the whole time from getting weighed to getting his shots. Luckily Papa came with us since Mason had his appointment also.

Mason is also growing like a weed. At his one month appointment he was 10 lbs and 22 inches tall already. He is a much bigger baby then Austin was at this point. He is already wearing some 3-6 clothes! His recent accomplishments have been getting control over his head, smiling when he is talked to and sitting by himself in his bebe pod seat. We are still working on sleeping and eating. Mason still likes to eat just enough to make himself happy and not fill himself up so he always wants to eat. He is sleeping ok at night. He was sleeping 5-6 hrs but lately it has been 3. I do not mind as long as he goes right back to sleep which he has been doing the past couple of nights. In the beginning he was staying up for over an hour after eating so although he is getting up more, its a huge improvement. Mason has also decided he does not like bottles unless he is starving. We are both still trying to figure each other out but we are getting there. We do know he likes to sleep on his side as Austin did and he loves his pacifier. 

Cloth diapering has been going good. We are slowly starting to build up our stash of diapers. We have figured out what we like and what we don't like. I love it and get very excited when I get more diapers in the mail. Right now we have more in Austin's size so I have cloth diapering him lately and its working well. We are adjusting for naps and bedtime but overall I love it and it saves us money.

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