Thursday, September 10, 2009

The Best Big Brother

Checking on his little brother for the 100th time. 

We were all a little nervous to how Austin would handle having a newborn around since he is so young himself but we couldn't ask for a better big brother for Mason. At 14 months Austin has already taken on the protective big brother role. He LOVES Mason so much so he literally checks on him every 5 minutes. The other day I had an appointment and I took Mason with me. Austin was sleeping when I left. My dad said the first thing he did was look for his brother when he got up. When I came home he was very concerned and had to make sure I took Mason out of the car seat and did not take him anywhere again. He understand that Mason is a baby and whenever he talks to Mason he uses his very high sweet voice. He loves to kiss his brother and does this many times throughout the day without being told. He likes to rub his head and hold his hand also. Austin has been very helpful in getting Mason's pacifier, blanket and even diapers when I ask. 

Holding his little brother is one of his favorite activities now and he proudly sits on the couch with his brother on his lap. When you take Mason away Austin holds out his hands and asks for more. He likes to "carry" his brother also around the house with the help of mommy. It is very sweet when he puts out his little hands and wraps them around Mason. 

There has been some jealousy but not is a bad way. It has actually made me and Austin closer. He was becoming so independent and not having time to sit and cuddle with me any more but now when Mason is sleeping, he will crawl up on the couch and just sit and snuggle. He will even sit next to me if I am feeding Mason and lay his head on my shoulder. I am loving every minute of this and cherish my special time with him. 

We continue to praise Austin whenever he interacts with Mason so that he feels part of this change in our lives. He is working on being gentle and tends pull or rub to hard sometimes but we don't yell but redirect his attention. We have only had a few incidents where Austin has hit or tried to hit Mason and that was because he wanted to help and got mad at me. Austin was labeled a pacifier taker at daycare and I can see why now. Its not that he wants Mason's pacifier but he just doesn't want Mason to have it all the time. He likes to put it in Mason's mouth and then take it out again which is frustrating to our new addition. 

As for me I am taking longer then I thought to adjust to my new career. Staying home is one adjustment but throw in a very active 14 month old, a newborn, recovering from an operation, lack of sleep, and now no car (John's is currently out of commission for a short while so he has mine) and the frustration tends to build up. I love being with my boys and each day does get a little easier as I start to feel better and adjust to little sleep but now having a car has thrown a loop into process. I am looking forward to getting the baby carrier I ordered so that I can interact and keep up with Austin while still keeping Mason close. 

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