Monday, June 1, 2009

Picnic at the Park

Yesterday, Austin got to go on his first picnic. We went to the New Baltimore Park which is one of Austin's favorite parks. We packed our sandwiches, watermelon and lots of snacks. Austin was such a good boy, he sat on the blanket by the beach and ate his little sandwich and shared a Twinkie with daddy. Once we were all done eating, Austin sat on the beach and played in the sand.He even got to taste his first (and 2nd, because he obviously didn't learn the first time) handful of sand! After the taste testing, we took a walk by the water and let the waves crash over our toes. Luckily, there were no screams when the water hit his toes, so we are hopeful that swimming this summer will be a fun experience. Austin got to go on the swings, play on the slides, and daddy even took him on all of the big kids stuff, even though it made me very nervous.

After the picnic, we went home and all laid down in our bed and took a family nap. Unfortunately, for John and I, Austin decided it was time to get up, before we were ready. After our nap, we all got up and barbecued chicken for dinner. After dinner it was time for Austin to take a bath, get his bottle and off to bed. It was the most perfect Sunday ever!

On Wednesday Austin is going to be 11 months old. I cant believe how much he has grown. He can now get on and off his bouncing zebra without any help at all. He is walking a lot more, and is almost ready to give up all his bottles. He has 8 teeth and I am sure the way he is teething, more are on the way. He is wearing 12-18 month clothes almost in a size 4 shoe. Size 3 diapers are a thing of the past and we have moved up to size 4. He has grown into a very independent child and rarely likes help with anything. The bigger the challenge the better for him. He has gotten very attached to his blanket and now when he is ready to cuddle, he grabs it and brings it over to you. I am so excited for Florida because he is no longer a baby but a little man, and he is going to be so much fun experiencing all of the new things.

In pregnancy news, this little guy is WAY more active then Austin ever was. I am not sure if it is because I am more active, having to keep up with Austin or if it's him just reminding us he is around. He has also decided that barbecued food, especially ribs is his food of preference. The funny thing about this is I hate ribs! You couldn't pay me to eat a rib in the past but, now that's all I want. Anything with barbecue sauce will do but, ribs are the preference. With Austin there were small things that I liked more but nothing that I had cravings for and definitely not anything I didn't previously like. I was into chocolate milk, applesauce,and english muffins with peanut butter with Austin. Until now I have not had any specific cravings with this one. It's funny how each baby is completely different. I do hope this one takes after Austin in his sleeping habits, sleeping 4 hours at a time from the day he was born.

John's job at Reach Academy did not happen to be God's plan. As disappointing as it is because John has put so much extra time into it and was really hoping to stay there, we both know that God has a perfect job waiting for him. By the next day of finding out he would not be staying at Reach, John got a call from another principal at a brand new National Heritage school. He has his first interview tomorrow. We are leaving everything up to God. If this is the school he is supposed to be at then it will all work out and if its not, then there is another plan.

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