Monday, May 25, 2009

Random Videos & Pictures

Austin dancing to music

Austin going for a walk outside

When Austin was a newborn he always took his naps on this blanket. He used to fit perfectly in the middle. Needless to say he doesn't exactly fit but that didnt stop him from taking a 2 hour nap on the floor.

Our cousins from Texas

The swing is so much fun! The slide's a littlle bit more scary

Look I can feed myself!
Me and my little brother.
Austin "helping" with laundry. He loves to push things around the house. The heavier the better. He likes to show how strong he is.

Austin eating his favorite treat pushups. No matter how many times he has one or we tell him they are cold, he still acts surprised everytime he takes a bite.
Mommy's new car
Austin watching John eat a snow cone at the zoo. He wanted to make sure daddy was sharing.

Austin at the polar bear exhibit

Austin and Papa on the boat.

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