Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Officially Walking!

Just a quick update on Austin. We can now consider him to be officially walking. He walks about 90% of the time, only crawling if he falls down. It is very cute to see him wobble around the house. He is learning very quickly to navigate around objects on the floor and corners. Along with walking he is starting to learn the concept of going down stairs. He knows now that going down face first might not be the best method, and he will turn around and scoot his little butt down the first stair. In about another week or two, I am sure he will have it mastered.

Austin has also learned to drink from a straw which most babies already have mastered by now, but for Austin he just could not get the concept. Finally last week, John kept trying to show him and he got it. This makes it a lot easier when we go out to eat so I dont always have to pack a sippy cup. To celebrate his new achievement, he got to pick out Diego cups with straws at the grocery store.

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