Thursday, March 12, 2009

Sick Baby

Austin has been a very sick little guy for the past few days. It all began on Sunday when he woke up in the middle of the night burning up with a fever of 102.6. We stripped him down and gave him medicine and it seemed to help a little. On Monday he was still very warm and the fever never seemed to come down much no matter how much medicine we gave him. I had to come home from work early and try to get him to drink something since he wasn't really eating or drinking anything. Finally on Monday night his fever seemed to come down and he seemed to be getting a little bit better. He was still very clingy and didn't want to eat much but at least the fever was back to normal. On Tuesday he went off to Aunt Anne's and was ok all day, no fever and an ok appetite. When we got home on Tuesday I fed him some fruit for dinner and when John was holding him, he started throwing up. We thought maybe it just didn't agree with him because he had been ok all day. The rest of the evening was fine. He went to bed at the normal time, not taking much of his bottle but I figured he was just tired. At at 2 a.m. I heard him coughing and it didn't seem to stop so I went into his room and he was just sitting there coughing and crying. The coughing sounded like it hurt. So I scooped him up and decided he could sleep with us. Well from then on he was coughing so much that he threw up 3 more times. Between pajama changed and changing the sheets on our bed, the three of us were exhausted. We finally all got to sleep at about 4:30. I decided that I was going to stay home with Austin and call the doctors to see if I could get him in. The poor little guy was so tired he sleep until a little after 9 a.m. I called the doctor and unfortunately they could not get him in until today. I spent the day doing whatever I could to make Austin feel a little better. He would play for a few minutes and then it was back in my arms crying and rubbing his eyes. Most of the time he would just pass out in my arms from being so tired. Hopefully today the doctor can help, even if its relieving the cough at night so he can sleep.

On the upside... We think the fever was from teething because he cut his two upper teeth at the same exact time so now he has 4 teeth. Along with that he now has a runny nose so that is making really hard for him to breathe with the cough and stuffy nose. Our poor little guy. Its bad enough having to go through teething but now being sick on top of that.

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Dan and Kate plus Nate said...

That is so sad! Poor little Austin and poor you guys! I am so sorry. It is so hard to have a sick little baby. Sending you well wishes!!