Thursday, March 26, 2009

Austin Conquers the Stairs!

Last night, Austin learned how to crawl up our stairs. He has been pulling himself up on them but, until last night, has not figured out exactly how to go up. We were all in the living room and he crawled over, pulled himself up, and crawled up the first 2 stairs. Right now he can get himself up on the landing and that is it. All the way up the stairs is too much work for him right now. I am sure it won't be long before he is crawling up them with no trouble. He loves to crawl over everything now. John was laying on the floor and he was trying to crawl over him like it was the stairs. I love when he learns new things because he gets so excited about it and does it over and over again until he masters it.

He has completely mastered pulling himself up on everything. His favorite toy right now is an Elmo table that plays music and sings songs. He loves to stand at it for a very long time just pressing the buttons. Austin is getting so much fun and will now crawl to you when you call him. I can call him from the kitchen and tell him to come and eat and he will speed crawl into the kitchen. He loves to wave and will wave hi to his daddy over and over again. He is also starting to play shy and will put his head to the side or on my shoulder.

Austin has basically moved on from baby food, although he still prefers it. I still buy it for when he is at the babysitter's and we are out just because it is easier. He still does not like to sit and feed himself. He gets bored very fast and would rather play than eat. Right now he usually gets oatmeal with fruit or pancakes for breakfast. We found out he does not like french toast sticks. For lunch, he will usually eat a jar of stage-3 food, pasta with butter and parmesan cheese, or green beans. He does not like carrots or peas. At dinner he will usually eat whatever we are eating. He loves pasta like noodles with butter or mac and cheese, also pizza is one of his new favorites, cheese crumbles, or anything mommy puts on his tray. Food right now is not his priority and usually he likes to eat and run. Last night I was eating a bowl of noodles and he would come up, grab a handful and be on his way.

Austin is also showing signs is getting rid of his daytime bottles. He only has 3 bottles a day and he uses his sippy cup so much now I think he would be ok without his afternoon bottle. In about 4 months he will be ready to get rid of formula and switch to milk. I hope by then to have him only on a night time bottle, if any at all.

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