Monday, March 16, 2009

Health Update!

I am happy to announce that the antibiotics seem to be working and Austin is starting to show signs of feeling much better. On Friday, I stayed home with him and he was crawling all over the place. I think that he was so happy that he was feeling better that he didn't want to slow down. I had to calm him down every hour or so and he would pass out in my arms from being so tired. He didn't understand that even though he felt better, he was still sick and had to slow down. On Saturday, John and I took Austin to a Gymboree class and he loved it. He got to crawl all over the place and go in and out of tunnels. We were very surprised that he was not afraid to go in them. He also had fun singing and dancing. Austin was not a fan of the parachute though, but, I am sure with time he will get used to it. I am taking him to another class tonight and hopefully this is something we will be able to do weekly. Austin's appetite isn't all the way back yet. But, he has only thrown up twice in a the last couple of days which is a huge improvement.

Some other updates on Austin: he is now sleeping on his stomach. The minute we lay him down in his crib he rolls over and starts crawling around. He will usually play for about 30 minutes and then pass out on his stomach. It is very cute to see him laying on his stomach with his butt up in the air. I am glad that he has no problem sleeping on his stomach otherwise I would be in there all night turning him over. Austin has also decided that he is now going to go to bed at 9-10:00pm instead of 7:30. I am not sure if this is a phase or not but, I sure hope so.

Austin is now eating a lot of solid food. For breakfast we have been giving him french toast sticks which he is starting to like a lot. Its nice being able to hand him one and he can feed himself. He likes holding stuff in his hands and gets very mad if you try to take them away. On Saturday, we had a birthday party and we gave Austin a whole piece of bread to keep him happy. We were very surprised when ate the whole thing without a problem. That night I think he ate about 3 pieces of bread.

John is almost done with his student teaching and I could not be happier. We are counting down the days. I recently have changed positions at work. Although this position change came with a large pay cut, the stress that I have had from my old position was not worth it. John and I decided that I would be much happier back in the office then I was being a teacher and having to deal with all that drama. So happiness does come with a price but, for my family and me its worth it.

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