Friday, October 16, 2009

Busy Busy Month!

Well October is proving to be a very busy month for us McMahons! We have John's 27th birthday and lots and lots of activities going on. Here are a bunch of updated pictures of the boys.

Austin at his first visit to Chuck E Cheese

Mason using his high chair for the first time.
So sleepy from all the playing and looking around

Austin looking out our bedroom for birds which are his current obsession. 
Austin and his favorite book... our Dave Ramsey Financial Peace book
Austin at Jungle Java
Since we teaching Austin the art of sharing, when he wanted a turn in Mason's jumper, we let him. Little did we know he would love it and now spend a few times a day playing in it.
Captain Blanky to the rescue!!!

Austin at Trunk or Treat. This is becoming one of our favorite events to go to during the fall. We love spending time with Dan, Katie and Nate at their church! Austin this year is Brobee from Yo Gabba Gabba, one of his favorite shows. 
Nate and Austin
Austin and Mason (Mason was a giraffe)
Today Austin got his very own toddler bed. This is him sound asleep for the first time. We will see how the night goes. 


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