Thursday, August 13, 2009

Quick Update

The McMahon family has been very busy the last couple of weeks, preparing for our new arrival, getting ready for new jobs, and keeping up with Austin. 

Austin has been quite the little independent guy and is very happy playing by himself and trying out new things. He has been practicing using a fork and spoon, walking backwards, and learning somersaults. He has also been building his vocabulary although he refuses to repeat or talk on demand. He loves to sing and usually in the car can be heard singing his own little song in the back seat. Coloring is still his favorite activity, unfortunately he decided my front door and floor was a good place to use his crayons. He is listening a little better depending on his moods, and time outs have not been as frequent. Bedtime and nap time have been a piece of cake (knock on wood). We have been able to lay him right down in his bed without any protest for getting up, and within a few minutes he falls asleep. He is still taking 2 naps a day which he really needs. Usually and hour in the morning and 2 hours in the afternoon, and in bed by 8. This will make having a newborn much easier without having to fight him to go to sleep.

I have been going to the doctor weekly because of my low iron. The baby is looking good and we just had our 4th ultrasound today. He is about 6 lbs. We are happy to report that sometime this week he turned and is no longer breech. We are still going to go ahead with the planned c-section on 9-9-09. It makes it much easier with John's new job and lining up babysitters for Austin while I am in the hospital. I have a feeling my 3 day hospital stay will be like a mini vacation for me. I have been having a lot of contractions this past week so we will see if this baby wants to wait until the 9th to arrive. If he is anything like Austin, he has a mind of his own and only does what he wants when he wants. 

John's new job starts on Monday and we are both excited to get all the information and see what he is actually going to be teaching and his schedule. Its going to be an adjustment for both of us but we can't wait for it. 

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