Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Teething, Teaching and Pregnant

Well the McMahon's have been a busy bunch of people this last month. With Birthday parties, graduations, illnesses, and out of town family, we have rarely had a moment to relax. I am anticipating the relaxation of a fun McMahon/Walkenhorst family vacation.

For Austin, the last month has been filled with cutting 4 teeth. They have finally all cut through and his count is now up to 8. He has also been walking a lot more, venturing out and taking steps on his own. He is very active and and determined. We are still battling with the concept of "no" and we are often given a huge cheesy smile when his hand is slapped or he is told no. Trying not to laugh or smile back when he is looking so cute has been one of the bigger challenges of disciplining a 10 1/2 month old. He has had his ear infection recheck and well visit and everything is looking good. He is about 20 lbs of solid little boy. He is 30 inches and as his doctor says "he's a big boy". He is back to eating very well and likes to feed himself. Mealtime is much more of a mess now since he wants to do everything himself but, at least it gives us time to eat our own food. Austin is "talking" so much now and everytime you see him, he has tons to say. Right now he pretends everything is a phone and holds it up to his ear and chatters away. He is showing some signs of trying to say certain words, mama not being one of them. I have come to the conclusion he will never say my name because he knows I am always there at the slightest peep. Dada seems to still be his favorite to say, and Dada is who he talks on the pretend phone. He tries to say Kacie which is Grammy and Papas dog. Up and yuck are other words he attempts and comes pretty close to saying. Austin can also locate (when he chooses to do so) a nose and a tongue.

On the downside, this morning he woke up with a pretty nasty cold. He spent most of the weekend outside so I think it just caught up with him. He was so sad this morning and just wanted to be held. Hopefully some sleep and Motrin will help him feel much better.

For me, I am going to be 24 weeks pregnant and its going very well, much like Austins pregnancy. This little guy is much more active then Austin was and he lets his presence be known throughout the day. I have been sick much more in terms of colds, ear infections, and sinus infections. This past weekend I have been battling and severe ear infection that sent me to urgent care. With the help of antibiotics and ear drops the pain is finally under control and now I just have to fight a cough and plugged ear. This pregnancy is flying by compared to Austins. I cant believe that we only have about 4 1/2 months left. I am cherishing all the time I have with Austin because I know that he will have a hard time sharing him mommy with another baby.

As for John, he is busy teaching and loving his job. Being a new teacher and waiting to be offered the permanent position for next year, he has been working really hard to show the principal that he would be a good asset to their school. Hopefully within the month he will be offered the position and we can relax a little, knowing what will be going on next year. He is still working at his other job, not as much thankfully but still enough to the point where some nights he gets home late.

Summer is fast approaching and I can't wait. Austin is going on his first trip to Florida to meet his Uncle Eugene, Aunt Karen and cousins William, Louis, and Caroline. We are very excited. Going to Florida has been almost a yearly event for John and I since we have been dating and we cant wait to bring Austin along this year. We are driving which I am sure will be a challenge but also an adventure. I will be in my third trimester which means flying is out (not that it was an option unless I could have been heavily drugged and knocked out). We will be going to Florida and then making a stop in Tennessee on our way back for a couple of days. Austin will be turning a year old in Florida and what better way to spend a birthday then hanging out on the beach and swimming in the ocean!

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