Friday, April 17, 2009


Tonight Austin took his first official steps! He has been standing alone for long periods of time for a few weeks now and tonight, he finally walked. It began with 2 steps and gradually increased to about 6 steps in a row. Austin has been "walking" for a few weeks with his walkers that he pushes around, and tonight he finally ventured out and did it alone. In true Austin fashion, crawling is much easier and when he figured out how much work this walking thing was, he quickly refused to stand up again. With a little more practice, I suspect that within a month he will be walking on his own for the most part. 

In other news, this week Austin went from 3 bottles a day to only 2. He did this with no problem at all. He has his full appetite back. He is off baby food and now eats just about anything as long as it is not carrots or peas. He loves pasta, so we have lots of Gerber pasta pick ups which conveniently combine chicken and carrots in their filling so that's how Austin gets his veggies. He will eat green beans so we have a lot of those. His new favorites are Mandarin oranges (thanks to his friend Nate who shared his snack with Austin one night), cottage cheese, string cheese, lunch meat, and fishy crackers. Austin loves to share anything anyone is eating. He like to share rice crispy cereal in the morning, or chocolate chip cookies with daddy, and push ups on occasion which he refuses to share with anyone. 

This past week, I was lucky enough to stay home with Austin. We had so much fun and I realize how much I miss him during the day. We are crossing our fingers that John will land a teaching position for next year so I can cut back on my hours and stay home more with our boys. 

And yes I said boys. On Good Friday, Austin found out he will be getting a little brother. My parents are now up to 6 grandsons! John and I are very excited. With the two being so close in age, I really wanted Austin to have a brother to play with. 

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