Friday, April 3, 2009


As you all know from previous posts, Austin has been sick off and on for awhile now. Its seems like he never gets rid of one cold or runny nose. At first we thought it was just teething but after the scare with pneumonia, I didn't want to take any chances. Last week he started to get the same deep cough and runny nose again. I took him to the doctor right away and she said that since Austin seemed to always be congested, that it most likely is allergies. She gave us some allergy medicine that he takes once a day in the morning. It seems to be helping him a little bit but I have not seen a huge improvement. We also bought a really good cool air humidifier that is supposed to reduce allergy symptoms in his room.

Austin is also going through a no eating phase, and for all of you that know our son, he can eat. He is just not really interested in much food right now. He will still eat oatmeal and his bottles and an occasional snack if he feels like it. I am sure it won't be too long before he is back to his normal self of grabbing food off our plates and putting 5 puffs in his mouth at one time.

Gymboree has been going great. Austin loves it and is very comfortable on all of the equipment. Last night we went to a level 3 class to see if it would be better for Austin. All of the babies in his level 2 class are on the young side. Austin is the only one that can crawl and has a hard time sitting for all of the songs. Level 3 was babies that could walk or were just learning to walk. Austin had a good time but he was worn out. It was a lot more playing than in his other class. We are still going to go to level 2 and to level 3 for awhile. Austins favorite time during class is the parachute. He is the only one that will lay on his back under it the whole time and watch it go up and down. He reached for it and squeals as it comes back down. Its such a change from the very first class when he cried his head off. Last night Austin got a special treat and daddy came to class with us.

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