Monday, April 6, 2009

A day at the park

On Saturday, since it was such a beautiful day, John and I took Austin to the park to play and get some fresh air. Austin had a lot of fun. His favorite thing was going down the slide and walking around since he is such a big boy now.

Austin on the swings. There was a little boy screaming next to him that he kept staring at.

Austin sliding down the slide. He was actually doing really good and didn't need much help
Austin looking at the water

Austin and Daddy taking a walk

In other news, John has only 9 more days of student teaching left! We are very very excited to have him home more often. We took Austin off his allergy medicine because he was not acting right on it. He had no appetite at all and was still throwing up and had a cough. We are now just using over the counter Little Allergies which seems to be helping just as much as the allergy medicine did. It controls the runny nose which at this point is all we can ask for.

Austin is showing signs of walking. He can now walk when someone holds just one hand. He is standing for long periods of time without holding on to anything. Austin has also been sleeping a lot lately so I am sure another growth spurt is on the works. He right now wears 12 month pants and pj's.

John and I are having so much fun with Austin. He is constantly laughing and smiling and doing silly things to make us laugh. If I would keep him one age it would be this one. He is still my cuddly little baby that loves to sit on my lap and snuggle with a blanket, but he is so interactive and funny. He has such a good personality. Austin is now giving kisses when you ask, that is if he is not doing something else. Sometimes, he will just grab your face and start smooching away. Austin is a very lovable child.

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