Sunday, November 16, 2008

Squeaky Clean

Austin and Daddy reading a bedtime story

Tonight Austin had his first bath in his big boy ducky tub. He is growing so fast that he no longer fits in his baby tub and was getting the whole floor wet every time he was taking a bath. He was very excited and loved it. He got to sit up and play for a long time. When he got tired it was very comfy for him to lay down and play.
I know I say this every post but I can not believe how fast Austin is growing and changing. It seems that everyday he is doing new things and is getting to be more of a "big boy" and less of a baby. This week he will be 20 weeks. He is eating baby food now which he is not so sure about sometimes. We try to tell him he can't have bottles his whole life. Right now oatmeal made with pear juice and sweet potatoes seem to be his two favorites. This weekend I made my first attempt at making a bunch of baby food for Austin. It was actually fun and thanks to a 2 hour nap Austin took, I got all of it made. On the menu was avocados and bananas, plain bananas, peaches, squash, sweet potatoes, apples, pears, pumpkin and apples and green beans. I made a trip to the organic grocery store and bought everything for his food. It was so easy. I plan to continue it. The food tastes so good, much better then the organic baby food from the store.

Austin also has his first play date in Friday. We went to visit my friend Jessica that I went to school with. Jessica and I started hanging out in elementary school and now her little girl Maddie is only 2 months younger then Austin. It was so cute seeing them together. Austin kept trying to grab her hand. We cant wait to get together again.

Austin has also began holding his own bottle although we still hold it for him. He has been grabbing at it but tonight he held it for a very long time until he feel asleep.

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