Monday, November 10, 2008

Quick update

Austin is officially sitting on his own. This weekend at his cousin Brenden's 7th birthday party, I sat him on the floor and put a boppy pillow behind him incase he fell. To my surprise he sat like that for about 3-5 minutes without falling. Yesterday, I did the same thing and he sat and played with his leap frog alphabet ball for a few minutes.

He hates to lay down and is working on pulling himself up from a laying position. A few times I have thought he was actually going to sit himself up.

He has not been napping during the day very well. We are not sure why but every night around 5pm he has a major meltdown. We are hoping to get him back on track soon.

He has not seen the surgeon yet, but praise God it looks like his belly button is healing up on its own. We are still going to have him checked but it wont be until December. We are believing it is going to continue to heal on its own.

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