Tuesday, November 4, 2008

I'm a big kid now!

Austin had his 4-month well visit today. He is now 14 lbs and 27 inches long! The doctor said he is a very tall baby and has grown 3 inches in 2 months! I had a feeling he was going to be tall like his daddy but now I think he might be even taller. He had to get 3 shots, which was horrible for him and me. He screamed all the way to Aunt Anne’s, and finally fell asleep right before we pulled in the driveway. Our doctor also wants Austin to see a surgeon soon because he might have a slight hernia. His belly button has been really red that last couple of days and she would like a pediatric surgeon to take a closer look at it. She said that it might be something that can be cauterized or might need surgery on. We are praying that it is nothing and he will not need any medical treatment.

On the brighter side, Austin is growing and changing so fast that every morning I ask him if he grew over night. John and I are amazed at the things he is doing. He is now eating 6 oz every 4 hours (thanks to a little challenge made by his younger cousin Cody) Austin has also started on baby food since his little belly is not getting full from just formula anymore. He usually has oatmeal in the morning with some bananas or pears (which he is not fond of), and peas in the evening which he loves. John and I have decided to give Austin all organic food to help reduce the amount of chemicals in his body. We decided it was something small we could do for Austin that would contribute to a healthy life. I hope to start making his baby food so that he has more of a selection then what is offered from pre-made organic baby food. With a little guidance from Katie, I think I can do it. (Have I mentioned John and I would not have a clue what we are doing without Dan and Katie?) Austin has gone back to sleeping through the night. He rarely wakes up in the middle of the night anymore. He usually goes to bed about 8pm and wakes up about 7am. Daylight savings time has been a wonderful event in our home. Austin did not take to well to it the first night and tried to go to bed at about 6 at night.

Austin is rolling over now and is never in the same position that we left him at night. Most of the time he is completely the opposite direction that we left him.

This is what happens when you leave a 4 month old on the couch while you make his bottles. We literally turned our back for less them a minute. Its hard to tell but he was laughing in the second picture. I think he would have just sat there if we hadn't picked him up.

He loves standing and can stand on his own if he is leaning against something. He has also been practicing sitting on his own and if not tired, can actually sit alone for a minute or so. Austin is officially teething, with confirmation from his doctor. Austin spends most of his day with one or both hands in his mouth and the rest of his day drooling. It is quite amazing; he can actually fit his whole fist in his mouth. Lately he has been trying to suck his thumb while drinking his bottle. 4 months old and he is already a multi-tasker!

On Halloween Austin, John and I went to Grace Christian Church for their "Candy Town" event with Anne, Dave and the kids. Beforehand we all met at Fudruckers for dinner. Austin had a great time. He got to see Dan, Katie, Nate and Uncle Tim, Aunt Vicki, Cade and Noah, also. Grace put on a wonderful event which John and I were very happy to see. We wanted to find something that we could do with Austin every year. There were a ton of carnival games which Daddy played to win Austin candy. After all the games, they did a wonderful praise song for the kids along with a skit about sin. All of the kids had tons of fun and Austin’s older cousins left with huge bags of candy. We can’t wait to attend next year when Austin is older and can play some of the games himself.

John is halfway done with student teaching and we couldn’t be happier. Austin is definitely a daddy’s boy right now. He loves his mommy but when daddy’s around it's all about him. John can get Austin to laugh just by talking to him. We can’t wait until John can come home early and spend more time with our little guy.


Dan and Kate plus Nate said...

He is a long boy! I checked Nate's stats at that age and he was 15 lbs 12 oz and 27 inches long! They are going to be a couple of 6 foot 4 boys!

We had a lot of fun with you guys on Friday. Thanks for inviting us!

Dan and Kate plus Nate said...

Did you just add these pictures? I did not see them before! Anyway, they are super cute except his in his football pictures it looks like he threw up in the background on the blanket? The yellowish stuff??


The McMahons said...

Katie - Yes, I added the pictures a few days after Christina posted the blog.

p.s. I am disappointed. I would expect the blanket comment from Dan, but not you!!