Thursday, July 17, 2008

Austin's Big Day

Austin playing with his toys for the first time

First Tummy Time

Taking a nap after all his excitement

Yesterday was a very big day for our little guy. First, he got to play with his play mat for the first time. He really enjoyed it until he got a little frustrated that he wasn't coordinated enough to grab the animals. After he played for a few minutes, Austin had his first "tummy time". He did really well and didn't mind at all laying on his stomach. He even tried lifting his head a few times. After all that excitement, Austin was exhausted and fell fast asleep on his favorite blanket and took a 2 hour nap.

Austin also lost his umbilical cord yesterday. It was a little sad. I feel like our little baby is getting so big.

Last night Austin also got to experience his first trip to a restaurant. For our anniversary, John and I went to Mongolian BBQ. Austin did absolutely wonderful, never even opening his eyes - even when it was time for him to eat. He slept until we got home.

John and I at Mongolian BBQ

Austin passed out after his 3rd bowl of stir-fry


Amber said...

Doesn't John pass out for two hours after playing the XBox??? Like Father, like Son!!

PMac99 said...

How many autographs has he collected so far?