Sunday, July 6, 2008

Austin McMahon

Christina and I are very pleased to announce the birth of little Austin Rick McMahon!
July 3, 2008 - 11:25am - 6 lbs. 4 oz. - 20 in.

Christina and I went to the hospital on Tuesday, July 1st to get induced. Little did we know that we wouldn't see Austin for another 2 days! The inducing was increasing the strength and consistency of Christina's contractions, however it wasn't making her dialate. After laboring and going through strong contractions for over 40 hours (including an epidural that fell out), our doctor suggested that it would be best to do a c-section. Although we hadn't planned on a c-section, we both knew it was best for Christina's body and for Austin. Within 30 minutes of our doctor suggesting a c-section, Christina delivered Austin. Although I didn't get to cut the cord, it was very special being in the operating room with Christina.

Hearing Austin cry when the doctors delivered him and then seeing him just a few seconds later is something I will never forget. It was truly an amazing feeling to know that we were parents.
After the delivery, they had to finish stitching up Christina, so I went to change (you can only wear scrubs, a lunch lady hat, mask and booties for so long) and show our family some pictures in the waiting room. After about 45 minutes of some alone time with our new family of three, the rest of our family came into the room to visit Austin where we sang "Happy Birthday" and took a million pictures...

Christina in the delivery room
Austin getting his footprints taken

Daddy and Austin

Mommy and Austin

Dr. Beros and Austin

The nurse giving Austin a bath
Our first picture as a family

Singing "Happy Birthday" to Austin

Papa and Grammy Przystup

Grandpa and Grandma McMahon

Uncle Corey, Aunt Kathleen and cousins Connor & Carter

Aunt Anne

Uncle Dave

Cousin Brooke

Cousin Brennan

Cousin Riley

Uncle Tim

Cousin Noah

Austin and his cousins
(Brooke, Brennan, Connor, Riley, Carter, Cade and Noah)

Dan and Katie

Austin's first bottle

Austin's first piggy-bank money
(thanks to Papa)
Go Tigers!

Daddy's #1 fan
Look at those eyes!
(or as it's called in the McMahon family "couch duty") Hi, I'm new here
Mommy and Austin
Going home

Austin's first car ride

Austin and his friend Nate


Ruby Redcoat said...

Congrats John
he is beautiful


Amber said...

He is so beautiful!!

Dan, Katie and Nate said...

Yeah! Baby Austin is so handsome! I love the black and white pictures. I can't wait to see him again! Glad things are going well.

Papa and Grammy Przystup said...

Our newest grandson is sooo handsome!! We are having fun thinking of all the ways we can spoil him! Congrats to both of you and your family. You are going to be great parents. Just remember who the boss of the family is going to be!!
We love you all very much
Papa & Grammy Przystup

Papa and Grammy Przystup said...

Our newest grandson is sooo handsome. We are having fun thinking of many ways to spoil him. Congrats to both of you. Just remember who will now be the new boss in the family!!!

Love you all,
Papa & Grammy Przystup

grandma and grandpa said...

It is very obvious the two of you have reached the ultimate goal God had for you....being a parent. I know how long John has waited for this and i am sure Christina was also just as excited. We too are so proud to say we have a new little grandson. It looks like God is blessing us with a McMahon baseball team with two cheerleaders....We are thrilled for both of you and love all of you and want to see lot of baby Austin. its hard being a grandparent...cause you try to not smother all of you when you want to be there every day. Love, Grandpa and Grandma