Thursday, June 12, 2008

Hospital Visit #2

Well yesterday John and I almost had a baby. The morning began as any other. I had a doctor's appointment at 9:00am. John went off to work to make up hours that he lost last week when we spent the afternoon in the hospital for my foot. I was excited. I had thought that they would tell me that I had dilated even more since Tuesday. On Tuesday, I took the day off of work due to having no power for the 3rd day, and all morning I was having cramps and contractions.

I get to the doctor's - which my doctor was out of town - so I was seeing one of the other doctors in the office, and they tell me my blood pressure is high. I thought "of course it is, I was just running around packing my lunch and dinner for work, walked up 2 flights of stairs and down a long hall to the doctors office." I was tired and hot and caring around a 6 lbs + baby inside of me. So they take my blood pressure and it is high. The doctor comes in and says he is concerned because this can cause a problem starting at 36-40 weeks. He takes my blood pressure again and says its still high and he is sending me to Labor and Delivery. The doctor says the baby is fine to be delivered but they are concerned with me and do not want me to have seizers if my blood pressure gets too high. So, he tells me we mght have a baby today or we might just be monitored and released. Off to the hospital again!

I rush to call John who is about to leave for school. He just keeps asking if I am serious. I state that I am very serious and he needs to meet me at home so we can pack for the hospital which we have not even begun to do. Our house was still a disaster from the shower since we had lost power for so long.

On the way to the hospital, the ride was very tense. John was very nervous and I was concerned that we hadn't even bought our car seat yet and they would not let us take the baby home if we had him.

So we get to the hospital, and they put us in a room right away, which was very nice. It was a private room this time so we had plenty of room. They hook me up to everything. The baby is doing fine with his heartbeat and moving around. He isn't a fan of those monitors strapped to my belly and I dont know how he knows but he starts kicking them dead on when they are on me. My blood pressure is slightly high but the doctor on call says it's nothing that they would be concerned about or induce labor for. They draw blood and the wait begins.

After watching TV, taking naps, and having perfect blood pressure for over 3 hours we finally get the results of the blood work back. Everything is perfect and they are going to send me home. So at about 3:30pm we finally get to go home.

So maybe third time will be a charm and we will be able to bring our little Austin home with us. It did kick us into gear and made us realize we are slightly unprepared and need to get moving incase he decides join us soon.

I have an appointment again next Friday with my doctor and unless she sees the head, I wont be rushing to the hospital. The good thing about all of this is that we know the routine at the hospital and most likely wont be in such a panic the next time.

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Dan, Katie and Nate said...

CRAZY! I can't imagine why your blood pressure would be power for three airconditioning...being 9 months pregnant...I mean come on!!

Hope to meet baby Austin soon. Can't wait!!!