Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Using the potty

Well we have been back and forth with Austin on this whole potty business. Its so frustrating because he has the whole concept and can do it but just doesn't want to and when a 2 year old doesn't want to do something.... they really don't want to do something. We have gone on 3 hour car trips, took naps, and went to bed for the night, all without accidents but when it comes to going during the day, forget it. Unless I feel like getting a workout and arguing, we ask, and if he says no, we move on.

Well last night, Mason decided he did not want a bottle before bed. I thought that would mean he would be up extremely early because he was hungry but to my surprise he slept until about 5:30. At that time John made him a bottle and I figured he would drink it and go back to sleep. When I went to change him before his bottle I noticed he was completely dry. This was impressive for an 11 month old. So he drank the bottle and after an hour of fighting, I gave in to the reality that I was not getting anymore sleep and headed downstairs for some much needed coffee. At that time I noticed he was still dry. I had been thinking that after all this trouble with Austin, I would love to start getting Mason used to the potty once or twice a day but had not started that yet. I decided to try it that morning. So Mason and I headed to the potty, I put him on and without a hesitation he pooped and peed. I was so surprised because Austin has only accidentally did that once. I was so excited (more for the fact I didn't have to change a dirty diaper). When Austin got up I told he and let him know that Mason would get to go to the store to pick out a present (this is something we have been telling Austin to try to get him to poop on the potty).

I asked Austin if he wanted to go and and he said no so he proceeded with breakfast. After breakfast, I decided to try Mason again since he had a lot of juice. Austin eagerly followed. Once again I put Mason on and he went right away. Austin was very excited so I thought he would want a turn. I asked Austin if he wanted to go and he said "No, good job maymay" and walked away. Well I guess that was that. At least he was proud of his brother even if it gave him no extra motivation.

On another note, Tot school starts August 23rd so there will be lots of new posts, reviews, and giveaways. I am very excited and a little nervous for this year because Mason will be starting and anything with the two boys is always hectic... oh well lots of coffee and deep breaths.

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