Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Fall Update and pictures

Painting pumpkins at Plaster Playhouse
Austins new favorite activity sorting his magnetic letters
Austin and daddy all dressed up as hockey players for the october birthdays

We attended Candy Town at Grace again this year. Austin had so much fun playing all the games. Mason also had a great time sleeping through the whole thing. Thanks to Candy Town I have more candy then I need!!

Austin taking his football when we were trying to take Mason's 2 month pictures. He loves his brother but not enough to share his toys yet.

Mason is starting to stay awake more during the day. For the most part he is a very happy baby. He has also graduated to the big boy bath tub. 

Austin in need of a haircut
Mason's 2 month picture


This past Sunday we decided to make a quick trip to the cider mill for some fresh cider and donuts. 

First trip to the cider mill
Mason and Mommy

 Austin and Mommy

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