Sunday, August 10, 2008

Detroit Tigers Game

Christina and I took Austin to his first Tigers game this afternoon. We anticipated 80 degree weather, but ended up with low 70's. Despite the cold, wind and rain we had a great time! Right after we parked Austin got to meet his first homeless guy (a nice fella that washed our windshield). Austin didn't see too much of the game. He was too busy sleeping under a blanket, but we think he had fun.
We bought Austin a pair of sunglasses last night in preparation for our day in the sun. We were a little disappointed he didn't get to wear them at the game.

Austin and Daddy in rightfield, shortly after visiting with Aunt Anne

Austin and Mommy in our seats

Posing with Mommy and Daddy outside of Comerica Park

All the fresh air knocked Austin out on the way home

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Amber said...

How cute! But you've got him going to all the wrong games...