Sunday, August 3, 2008

1 Month Old

Today our little Austin is one month old. I cannot believe that it has already been a month since we had him. It seems like we were just at the hospital being induced. It's sad how fast time is going by. He has already grown and changed so much. He is now smiling a lot more and today he even started to laugh when I tickled his foot. I am so excited to see him grow and experience life but, I am sad that each day my little baby is getting bigger and bigger. The other night we even had to put away a pair of pajamas that he out grew. These were the same pajamas that were so big on him when he came home that 2 of him could have fit into them. Time really does fly. Austin is also starting to stay awake more during the day which we are very happy about. Not only does this mean he will start sleeping longer at night, it is also nice to be able to spend time playing and interacting with him more.

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Jessica said...

Happy 1 month Austin!

I am so happy that everything is going so well. :)