Saturday, April 26, 2008

We are getting there

The painting is done thanks to a dedicated daddy! All we have left to do is the molding and put in the ceiling fan thanks to my dad for putting overhead lighting in.

Well John has been busy working on baby Austin's room. It is almost done. And yes we did come up with a name Austin Rick McMahon. Aside from the room we have been registering, getting our stroller and just all in all trying to prepare for this change of life. We are both really excited and cant believe we have a little over 10 weeks left. I am getting as big as a house and aside from at night feeling great. The lack of sleep seems to be my biggest problem but I am sure its just getting me ready for midnight feedings.


Amber said...

I love the two colors on the wall! I am so excited for you guys!!!

Anonymous said...

Did you finish the room yet with the moulding and doors?
Dad McMahon