Monday, February 2, 2009

Splash Village

This past weekend we took our first official family vacation. John, Austin, and I headed to Frankenmuth for the night. We stayed at Zenders Splash Village which has an indoor water park. We thought Austin would love the pool because he loves playing in the bath... boy, were we wrong. The minute his toes touched the water he screamed like we never heard him scream before. I tried to take him the lazy river and he held on in a frantic panic like I was about to let go. Everytime I dipped a little lower into the water he would scream his head off. After trying the big water park we thought it might be better to go to the little pool. Austin still hated it but, he didn't scream as long as we were holding on to him tight. His only defense was to fall asleep in hopes we would take him out of the water so, thats what he did. He was holding on to John for dear life and fell asleep in the water. We finally did take him out and he held on to me so tight, as we wrapped him in a few towels, and fell right back asleep. We are hoping he will get used to it at some point. Austin loved staying at the hotel and with is new tooth was excited to try tons of people food. Mommy barely could eat because Austin would not let anyone take a bite before they put food in his mouth. We did bring the pack-n-play but Austin decided that sleeping with Mommy in the big bed was much better. So, Daddy had to sleep on the other bed all alone which I am sure he did not mind. We did discover that traveling with an infant is much different and when they go to sleep there is not much to do so, it was off to bed for us at 8:30pm (which is not a bad thing when Austin has a wake time of 6:00am, vacation or no vacation).
Austin also added a new addition to his mouth yesterday and cut his second lower tooth. He is very excited and will bite on everything to test them out.

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