Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Feeding himself

Last night Austin offically fed himself. He has been practicing the pincher grab for awhile but had not mastered it until last night. Within the last few weeks, Austin gets very angry when anyone eats anything around him and they do not share. He screams and stares you down until you give up some of your food. Its fun watching him try new foods but the whole solids thing still makes me nervous. Austin really does not chew the food but swallows it so we have to give him very very small pieces. Last night John has rolls on his plate and of course Austin was staring him down and yelling. He was reaching aross the couch trying to get to them so we started giving him little pieces. Towards the end I would put the piece in my hand and have Austin pick it up. It took a few trys but he did pick up the piece of roll and it got to his mouth. Of course mommy cheered and was all excited. Austin got a big smile on his face. He likes when I get excited because he does something and is always making sure I am watching what he is doing so he can get the appropriate praise. I am excited because now I can start putting a snack down on his tray and he can feed himself. He has been having fruit in one of those mesh food holders which he loves, but now he actually can have little pieces of fruit!


Dan and Kate plus Nate said...

Yeah! You are entering into a whole new world of wonderfulness! Just wait until you take him out to dinner for the first time and he can actually feed himself! AMAZING!

Miss Madeline Grace! said...

Yay Austin! That is hilarious with how he stares you down!

Amber said...

Cheerios will be your best friend when you stick him in his high chair!!