Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Happy Birthday Mommy!

I want to wish Christina a very Happy Birthday. Christina has been an amazing Mom and Wife. Austin and I are very blessed!!
I had the best birthday ever! John let me sleep in while him and Austin made me pancakes. After that they gave me the card that they made and my presents. Because of the holiday, I do not like to go out to eat late, so we went to and lunch/early dinner with Austin at California Pizza Kitchen which is my current favorite restaurant. Austin was very good while we ate, and he even learned how to take his baseball hat off. He was trying to put it back on but has not mastered that skill yet. Austin is always cracking John and I up with the new things he does. His current favorite game playing peek a boo.
After lunch John and I dropped Austin off at Grammy and Papas and went to the movies. It was very nice being able to watch a movie with just John and I. We then picked up Austin and headed home. Holidays are a little different with and infant. The rest of our night was our usual routine until Austin went to bed. And because Austin has not mastered the art of sleeping in, he was that morning at 6 so by 11:30 John and I were passed out on the couch. We woke up at 12:01! Oh well it has been the best year, adding Austin to our family and the best birthday ever, spending it with John and Austin.

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