Wednesday, October 15, 2008

The busy life of Austin

Austin has been a very busy little boy. He is growing and growing, so much we are having a hard time keeping clothes that fit him. It seems that everyday he has grown out of something. Austin is now 15 weeks old and learning so much. He recently started rolling over.

The only problem with this is he loves to roll over but hates when he does and is stuck on his stomach so mommy or daddy has to rescue him. The first time he rolled over was in his crib at about 4:00am. I heard him cry which he never does and walked in to see him on his stomach and his little legs stuck in the bars. He was probably wondering why we were telling him he was such a good boy and we were so proud of him. Along with this new rolling over thing, Austin is going through some sort of phase where he is again waking up in the middle of the night and not really napping during the day. His naps might be about 45 minutes to an hour if we are lucky. All of the people that take care of him, and John and I are all praying this phase is a quick one and we get back on track with sleeping through the night and taking long naps.

Austin has started eating cereal on occasion. We were giving it to him every night and he really seems to like it but we are not sure if it is bothering his little tummy so we have taken him off of it this week to see if it makes a difference.
Along with turning 3 months old, Austin took another huge step and dedicated his life to the Lord. Austin got to have a very nice party where all of his family and friends got to show up and help him celebrate this wonderful event.

Our little man is getting so big and doing new things each and every day. He loves to stand and has very strong legs. He is starting to play with toys and we hate to admit it but he is quite addicted to the TV. He is still working on sitting on his own and hopefully will have that mastered soon with the help of his bebe pod seat.
Austin is doing very well going to babysitters and to school. Grammy gets to spoil him all day long and he loves playing with Kacie. Austin loves going to Aunt Annes on Tuesdays and Wednesdays. He gets to go for walks and play with his cousins. Austin also loves going to Little Turtle school. He gets to play with bubbles and see all of his friends.
Austin went to his first Red Wings game on October 9th. He was able to see the Stanley Cup and witness the Championship banner raised to the rafters!

Austin also went to his first Michigan football game with Mommy and Daddy. Although he slept during the entire game and Michigan lost, he had a great time. Daddy is looking forward to taking him to MANY more games in the future!
As for John and I, we are still hanging in there. We are both on opposite schedules right now each working late nights while the other one has Austin. We can't wait until his student teaching is done and hope the next two months go by very fast.

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Amber said...

Hang in there, you guys are doing great!